Case Study: Manhattan Beach 10K


Registrations: +20%

Traditional Ad. Spend: -50%

Marketing Spend: -10%

Web Visits:  29,000

Client Brief:  Increase number of registrations, drive awareness and participation of Millennial market and reduce overall marketing spend.  Click through below to see how we can do this for your business too.

About Molly

How about you?

 What can I do for you? A whole boatload of things that will disperse that overwhelming cloud of tasks that hangs above your head and never seems to go away. I will create a clear blue sky in your day!

 The devil is in the details. If you are like a lot of other small businesses, you do not have the time or the resources to conquer the small details of marketing yourself in today’s digital world.

 How about me?

 I live for the details! They are what drives me and motivates me throughout the day. I can do the nitty, gritty, techy work that gets put on hold because you don’t want to do it or maybe you simply don’t know how to do it.

 I have experience producing newsletters and blog posts, I have handled social media pages spanning the most relevant platforms, and have the knowledge to build a clean, simple, and straightforward website.

 And one other thing…I am also the CEO of the Taylor household. I oversee 1 hunky husband {who just so happens to be my #1 client} and 2 gorgeous girls {my pride and joy}!

 You + Me = A Winning Team

 I can take the philosophy and goals for your business and put my savvy market spin on them and together we can create the win - increasing your bottom line.

 Let’s Do This!

 If this equation puts a smile on your face, let’s get started!

Call me on 310.748.9128 or email me here to start making your life easier