Case Study: Manhattan Beach 10k

Client Challenge

  • Registrations in the core 18-40 market had been declining.
  • Marketing had focused on print media with little attention given to digital channels
  • The previous website at did not reflect the excitement and energy associated with the race.
  • Aside from a Facebook page there was no cohesive digital footprint or use of popular platforms such as Instagram, Twitter or Snapchat.

Digital Strategy

  • Use email, social media and social ads to drive awareness of the race with the target 18 to 40 demographic.
  • Create excitement around and desire to register for the race.
  • Make it easy for people to get the information they need about the race.


  • Website:

    • Deliverable:  Design and build a modern mobile-ready website that is easy to update, captures email addresses and acts as a central information hub
      • Move to platform
      • Replicate existing content but reorganize and make it easier to navigate
      • Utilize past race photography and imagery to update look and feel
      • Implementation of SumoMe email collection software
  • Email Newsletter

    • Deliverable: Design and build a modern mobile-ready newsletter that integrates with the website.
      • Manage migration from Constant Contact to Mailchimp
      • Design Newsletter template
      • Integrate with website
  • Digital Footprint Build

    • Deliverable: Create and format new & existing social media accounts, integrate with website using cohesive color palette and styling
      • Facebook / Twitter / Instagram / Snapchat
      • Imagery - consolidate iconography across footprint
      • Define 160 character description

Content Strategy

  • Plan & Execute Content Strategy

    • Deliverables: Drive sign ups to MB10k mailing list, encourage readers to reach out to younger audience, inform list of registration dates and pricing.
      • Create content strategy
      • Create production schedule
      • Create email newsletters
      • Create blog posts
      • Create social media posts
      • Respond to social interactions

Social Advertising Strategy

  • Plan & Execute Facebook Advertising

  • Deliverable: Manage Facebook Advertising program
    • Create Ad strategy
    • Create Ad copy including appropriate imagery
    • Create appropriate custom audiences within Facebook
    • Tweak Ad copy and imagery to improve Ad performance


  • Registrations up 20%
  • Largest growth seen in both "18 - 24" and "25 - 34" demographics
  • Traditional Advertising cost down 50%
  • Total marketing spend down 10%
  • Website Visits from June through October: 29,000+
  • Mailing list sign ups: 538
  • Over 2,500 uses of hashtag #mb10k
  • Over 4,000 views of dedicated MB10k Snapchat filter

Testimonial from Rachel Judson, Race Director

We closed out registration with 600 more participants this year than last. That is over approximately $20,000 more in revenue vs. 2015 that we can donate back to the community.

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