Posting on Your Website

A post I did for  Taylor's Fitness

A post I did for Taylor's Fitness

Publishing regular updates on your website is a great way to get your ideas in front of potential customers. This is called writing a blog and it allows you to communicate about your products and services directly with the people who would be interested in them. When you publish something you have given customers who are searching for your services a direct path to find you.

I can make sure your content is set up correctly for SEO {Search Engine Optimization}, which means it is more likely to found.  I will create attractive titles, use correct heading tags, add meta descriptions and categorize it properly. I will also format the text and source imagery to make it pop and be readable for the web. These things take time and knowledge to be done right. I can take care of all the mundane, techy details, which in turn will allow you more space in your day to continue with your creative flow of writing.

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Making Your Content Look Great

A blog post with all the  key  elements

A blog post with all the key elements

If you’ve gone to the trouble to write a blog post, you want as many people as possible to not only see it, but also choose to read it. With so much information on the web, if your content is not formatted correctly with a stunning image to grab people’s attention, they will choose to go elsewhere. Do you know how to set up your writing to make it easy for people to digest? Do you know where to find eye-catching imagery and how to comply with the creative commons licensing?

 I can lure people into your blog visually. I know where to source free imagery that will make your content fly through social networks. I know how to break down your writing so that it is presented in manageable chunks for today’s distracted reader. I can provide creative sub-titles to draw the reader in. Finally, I’ll ensure that the titles match the key words you are targeting and that you use those key words in your text. 

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Video Posting

A video post for  Taylor's Fitness

A video post for Taylor's Fitness

Perhaps writing is not your specialty, but instead you light up in front of the camera. Making a video blog can be your vehicle to get your message out to your customer. Video is the best content on the internet right now. Oftentimes people prefer watching a compelling clip as opposed to reading a long article. Video is much harder to produce than text, but if you have gone to the time and trouble to produce something great and you do shine on camera, don’t fall into the same trap that most businesses do – not presenting the video in the right way!

I can take your fantastic video and make sure it is as visible as possible. I can ensure it has a correct SEO {Search Engine Optimization} aligned title. I will also add the meta description and tag it correctly so that your customer can find it on You Tube and Google searches. Lastly, I can post your video content directly to your website and various social media such as, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest for you so that you can save time to create more awesome content! 

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Sharing To Social Media

A share to  pinterest

A share to pinterest

Publishing a blog is great, that is, if people know your website exists. If they don’t, it’s imperative that your blog be shared out to social media, THE place where people’s attention is right now. In order to do that, there are many different tools and different social platforms to consider. Should you share it to Twitter? If you do, how do you ensure your image is there? Should you share it to Facebook? How do you know that you have the right text for your link?

If you don’t have the answers to these questions, I do! I know how to do these very things as I’ve been sharing content to Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google +, and Instagram for a long time. I will put your blog posts on these social platforms so that people can actually see and read them and ultimately drive traffic back to your website.

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Management Reporting

Google Analytics social traffic

Google Analytics social traffic

You have created a blog that is posted to your website and shared across social media. Fabulous! You are doing everything right so far. But exactly how right are you? Do you know how well the blog is being received? Where is the traffic coming from to see it on your website? Are customers clicking through to your text and actually reading it?

If you don’t know the answer to these questions, I do. By using the industry standard, Google Analytics, I can gather data that measures how well you are doing. I can show you exactly where your customer is coming from to land on your blog post. Are they coming from Pinterest, or Twitter, or directly from your home page? I can tell you how long they are on your blog or if they are thinking thanks but no thanks and leaving immediately. The analytics tells us exactly who your audience is, what language they speak, if they are male or female, even if they are a new or returning visitor. Google Analytics highlights areas of weakness and shows what posts are not doing well. We can look at those and together come up with a plan to change things for the better. If things are moving along great we can continue the flow and keep track of your ever-increasing numbers.

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