Management of Different Platforms

An  instagram  post

An instagram post

Social media is a huge opportunity for small businesses as it allows you to get your message directly in front of your customer.  The problem is there are now so many social networks it’s difficult to know which one to focus on and how to get the best out of the platform.

 As with traditional marketing, the trick to social media is knowing who your customer is.  By having a clearly defined target market you can work out which platform they use and how best to engage with them.

 I already handle Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and Google+ for businesses in the South Bay.  I can work with you to define where your audience is going to be and can also manage the development of your business’ presence on the platform. 

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Management Reporting

A Key performance indicator spreadsheet

A Key performance indicator spreadsheet

Management reporting is what stops you making the same mistakes over and over again and helps you identify the things you are doing that are making a difference.  So how does it work?

Let’s say that you made 25 posts to Instagram in January. In February, you would look back at those posts and see how many hearts, comments, replies and new followers you received. You can see what posts got the most attention, what posts failed miserably, and ideally what posts brought in some new biz!

If you track that information, by entering it into an easy to read and understandable spreadsheet, you’ll start to see trends develop and you’ll be able to better predict what you should be doing in the future.

Sounds fun, huh? If you are a numbers person then this is right in your wheelhouse. If this sounds like a horrible, daunting task to you, I’m here to save the day! I can extract the numbers for you, create and compile the spreadsheet and help you analyze what’s working for your business and where you can improve with your social media posting.

This will put you way ahead of many of your competitors who aren’t taking advantage of this powerful tool.

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