Site Planning

Site planning services by Taylor Digital Marketing

All important steps in life begin with a well thought out plan and so it goes for your website.

The first step to building your website is coming up with a site plan. We will work together on this to determine how many pages your site will have.

This is the point where we will also figure out your menu navigation and how it will all integrate and link up seamlessly for your customers.

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Wire Framing

Wireframing Services by Taylor Digital Marketing

Imagine if you had a brick and mortar store opening and you have to figure out the layout for it. You would need to know how much space you have to work with and exactly where things will be placed.  

You and I will do the same thing for your website. Here, we will hone in on the most important things for your customers to see as they enter your site and navigate around.

At this stage we are not concerned with fonts or color choices. Instead, I will use an online tool called Mockingbird that makes it easy for us to come up with a blueprint. Here, I will build a wireframe, which is simply the skeletal framework of your website.

Once we have this site planning in place, the next step is the exciting part – the actual web design!

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Designing Your Website

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Here is where I take the reins and build your website from the site planning and wire framing work we have completed. I use Squarespace to accomplish this for a number of reasons.

Squarespace manages the hosting and the protection of your website. This is vital so that you don't need to worry about servers or being hacked. You pay a small monthly fee and have total peace of mind. They also offer excellent customer service if you encounter any problems.

I like their clean and simple templates that make for beautiful and striking sites that will stand out from your competition. They are designed to handle images well and they are super easy to use. Adding content is akin to using a word processing program.

Squarespace is brilliant because it is built to scale on mobile devices.  Now that everything happens on a phone or an iPad, it is imperative that your website looks great on the small screen and this is already built seamlessly into Squarespace.

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Email List Building

List Zbuilding Services by Taylor Digital MArketing

Finally, I will install software on your site that will drive potential clients to your email list.

Free software such as sumome allow you to configure attractive looking popups that make it easy for visitors to the website to join your list.

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