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Boot Scoot Boogie

Mychaela had her Spring Sing last Thursday, the theme was a country hoedown and they sang the obligatory tunes.  While I am not the hugest fan of this musical genre, I became one when I heard her belting out words of heartache while doing the Boot Scoot Boogie. {I may have even shed a little tear as any proud stage mama is prone to do}

Since last week, I have found myself humming and singing the words to one song in particular, Tim McGraw’s, Humble and Kind. And as I sang the lyric, “Always stay humble and kind”, it reminded me of my response when people follow me on social media.

Humble And Kind

I am grateful that people support my business pages on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. The way I show my gratitude is by personally thanking them. I go to their Instagram, heart their latest photo and thank them for the follow. If someone follows my Facebook or Twitter pages, I message them a personal word of thanks. I take the time to do this because I’m honestly humbled by their kindness and support in our world of information overload. I'm happy when I receive kind words from people and my hope is to put a smile on someone's face in return.

Thank YOU! 

And if you are one of my obliging friends reading this newsletter, I tip my cowgirl hat to you. Your support makes my heart happy and I am grateful for YOU! YEEHAW!

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Image Credit: Molly Taylor

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