To Market We Go | But What Do I Write?

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Where To Begin

In last week’s newsletter I encouraged you to make use of your email list as a golden opportunity to connect with your audience. One of my clients reached out and said they made the switch to start using MailChimp to send out their email newsletter. Hip, hip, hooray! Hopefully, you have embraced the idea as well with a service that works for you.

But What Do I Write?

As a teacher meeting with parents, I always told them, “ You know your child best.” They have raised the kids from the get go, they know their likes, dislikes, personality and what works and what doesn’t. Sure, it helps to check in with an “expert”, but parents can trust their gut to help their kid with the joys and pitfalls of being a kid.

The same holds true for you and your clients. If you’ve been in business long enough, you know them. You know their wants, their desires, their problems and you know how your business can fulfill their needs. If your business is just starting out, do this >>> Put pencil to paper or fingers to keyboard and envision who your target audience is. How old are they? What gender are they? What’s their annual income? What challenges do they face? How can you ease their challenges?

Make A List

Once your audience is set, make a list of topics you can write about. Show some vulnerability and let them get to know you and what you are all about. What can they learn from you? What do you have to offer them? How can they begin to trust you? What do they want from you?

I write an email newsletter for some local South Bay road races, like the Manhattan Beach 10k. When I come up with the content strategy for them, I always have the racers at the forefront. I think about:

  • how they can see themselves in this race

  • running tips they’d enjoy

  • a q and a from the previous year’s winner

  • interviewing people who put the race on

  • focusing on the Manhattan Beach community

  • sprinkle in practical race info.

  • upcoming promotions

No More Excuses

You have your email list, you have a nice bunch of topics to write about. Now, get going! Stop making excuses and do the work!

How Can I Help?

If you need some encouragement or advice, fill out the form below and I’ll get back to you shortly!

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To Market We Go | Good As Gold

Spilled jar of gold glitter.

The Power Of Emails

Do you have an email list for your business? If so, you own the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow! Do you utilize this list? Do you write a blog, send a newsletter, product updates or any sort of communication that would bring value to your customer?

If you’ve given up the ghost because you think emails are a thing of the past, newsflash, they are alive and well!

The Wall Street Journal just posted an article about old faithful, The Latest Hot Tech Secret: Your Email. The beauty of email is that it is not the latest tech secret, its been around a long time and is seeing a resurgence as a direct connection you can have with your audience. Christopher Mims, the author of the article, writes:

“For marketers, the algorithms that power social media represent the ever-rising cost of doing business on the platforms owned by the duopoly of Google and Facebook. Email allows authors to intimately connect with reader, lets brands address their most loyal customers and budding startups develop armies of influencers.”

What This Means For You

There’s no algorithm keeping Nancy from reading your email. Nancy has willingly signed up to see your email. Nancy has the freedom to choose whether she’ll read it or not. Nancy can even unsubscribe from your email.

But, Nancy is in control. And, if you have been feeding Nancy quality content, she trusts and believes you and is more willing to give you her business rather than Joe Schmo.

Email Marketing Services

There are several good email marketing companies to choose from:

  • MailChimp

  • Constant Contact

  • Drip

  • CovertKit

  • AWeber

  • SendinBlue

Start by looking into them and see what’s a good fit for you. I personally love MailChimp and use it for my business and several other clients I have.

How will you utilize your email list in 2019?

I would love to hear your ideas or answer questions you have about email marketing.

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To Market We Go | It's Time For Your Nap

Little boy napping in a Radio Flyer wagon.

NAP - Not What You’re Thinking

If you own a business, you need to know what NAP is:

  • Name

  • Address

  • Phone Number

A local business listing is an online entry that contains your business Name, Address and Phone Number (NAP) along with other details.

What Is A Local Business Listing?

Think of a local business listing as the modern version of the Yellow Pages. Back in the Mesozoic Era we used our wet thumbs and that cumbersome book, that had a deafening thump on our doorstep, to find a service that we needed.

Now, we have the life-changing, all-knowing, authoritarian - Google! What did we ever do without it? Most consumers will use Google to search for local services. But, there are others you should be on as well. Hence, the importance of your NAP. You as a business owner offer a local service and you want people to be able to find you.

NAP = Consistency

The more listings you have in local directories the more visible you are in local search, however - you must ensure that the NAP used across your local is the same.

This means making sure you use the right telephone number format, ensuring that if you use the +4 digits on your zip code in a few listings you use it in all your listings.

Some Local Listings You Should Be On

  • Google My Business

  • Facebook

  • Yelp

  • Bing

  • LinkedIn

  • Foursquare

  • Hubspot

  • Better Business Bureau

  • Foursquare

  • MapQuest

What Do You Look Like?

Want to see what your business looks like in Local Search and how effective your current approach is?

Need Help Napping?

Shoot me an email and we’ll get you well-rested for all the folks who’ll be calling you.

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To Market We Go | Small Budget, Big Results


Days Go By

It has been just over 365 days since my last newsletter came out. So, here’s my yearly newsletter! LOL!

Kidding aside, this past year has been the busiest for Taylor Digital Marketing. I’ve taken on some fabulous clients and increased my role with ongoing ones while teaching part-time and having a life.

Facebook Ads

Part of the experience I have gained is running multiple Facebook ad campaigns for clients. Facebook ads are fantastic because they reach a super targeted audience and can run for a small budget.   

I have a legal client who has moved over to video content and away from the written blog. Before we started working together they were averaging about 1,200 video views a month and 400 minutes of video watched. Since adopting this new strategy, and working with a budget of less than $200, we were able to move those video views up to 5,900 and minutes watched to over 2,000.

If you’d like to have a similar result, I can help. Shoot me an email and we can have a chat!


To Market We Go | Meet Mara


Milk & Butter

You never know when business will come your way and it is often in the least expected of Trader Joe's! I happily ran into Mara a few months ago at the store of all places. While we were catching up in the dairy aisle, she told me that she had branched out on her own with her private therapy practice. I told her about my business and she expressed her need for a website. I whipped out my handy dandy business card and the plan was set in motion! We recently finished her website, Your Own Way Therapy.

Meet Mara

Mara is one of the sweetest and most down-to-earth people you will ever meet, aside from being a top-notch prefessional! She is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker who specializes in:

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Trauma
  • Addiction/Recovery Issues
  • Postpartum Depression/Maternal Mental Health
  • Chronic Illness
  • Stage of Life Adjustment Difficulties

For More Information

To read about Mara and the valuable work she does, click on the links below:

Give me a call if you need help with your business 310.748.9128

Image Credit: Jodi Sexton

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To Market We Go | Do You Know Someone Who Needs Help?


The Good Word

Taylor Digital Marketing has been growing by word of mouth. I currently have slots to take on board new clients. 

If you have worked with me, I'd love for you to recommend me to a friend! I'd greatly appreciate it and be happy to give you some consulting time.

Image Credit: Erik Taylor

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To Market We Go | Make School Cool


Forever Plaid

Who else wore a plaid jumper during their formative years? I was in a Catholic school uniform from Kinder all the way to 12th grade. I'm sure I complained some days about it, but deep down I really liked it {and may have shown up to a Halloween party in one}!

Speaking of Catholic schools, they have been on my mind recently as I'm currently building a new website for one. I've spent some time looking at a lot of other school websites in the Los Angles area and what I'm seeing is not very cool.

Lots of problems:

  • outdated
  • not scaled to mobile
  • not user-friendly
  • poor imagery
  • too many choices in the menu nav
  • too much unnecessary info.
  • totally not cool

In fact, one parent recently told me that they didn't even consider one of the schools because the website looked like it was straight outta the 90's. 

Are You Listening Principals?

That school lost a paying customer, solely based on their sad digital presence. They might have had the highest test scores and cream of the crop teachers, but because their website stinks people don't take them seriously. Summer is coming and it is the perfect time for principals to look at their digital footprint, or lack thereof, and make some changes.

Time To Get On The Bus

Catholic schools are a business just like any other. They heavily rely on customers, returning and new, to keep themselves afloat. It is time to get modern, compete with other schools and get taken seriously in meeting the digital demands of families and their kids.

Give me a call if your website needs a revamp310.748.9128

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To Market We Go | Millennials That Get The Job Done

Generation Y

Wikipedia has this to say about this generation - "Millennial characteristics vary by region, depending on social and economic conditions. However, the generation is generally marked by an increased use and familiarity with communications, media, and digital technologies. In most parts of the world, their upbringing was marked by an increase in a liberal approach to politics and economics; the effects of this environment are disputed. The Great Recession has had a major impact on this generation because it has caused historically high levels of unemployment among young people, and has led to speculation about possible long-term economic and social damage to this generation."

Poking Fun

Millennials often get a bad rap. If you'd like a laugh today, watch this video.

All Kidding Aside

Truth be told, there are actual millennials who get the job done! There are 2 that I'd like to highlight today because they have had a definite influence on me and have become my virtual cheerleaders when self-doubt comes creepin'. 

Meet Ellen Bennett


I've been following Ellen, aka the Apron Lady, on Instagram for 2 years. She has a multi-million dollar company, Hedley & Bennett, that Forbes recently wrote about here. If you watch the Food Network or eat at some of the trendy restaurants around town, it is likely you'll see celeb chefs and hipster waiters wearing her awesome aprons.

There are many reasons why I think she rocks, but mainly I dig her because she's a hustler when it comes to work, she's survived many bumps in the road and she continues to get back up and learn from her mistakes without COMPLAINING! 

Check her company out here: Facebook, Instagram, Website

Meet Femke van Schoonhoven


Femke is a digital designer who lives in Amsterdam, who dabbles in freelance work beyond her full time job. This lovely 25 year old sends me a weekly newsletter that I swear is tailored to my daily concerns about being a freelancer. She gets me, and the rest of her faithful followers, because she is in the midst of her work/life balance as well. She is full of helpful tips, inspiration and is a major proponent of using the word NO!

If you are interested in some weekly inspiration from this old soul, sign up for her newsletter here.

Give me a ring if you'd like a slighty older gal to help you with your digital strategy 310.748.9128 :)

Video and Image Credits: johnbcrist, Forbes & Femke

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To Market We Go | The Control Freak In Me


Little Known Fact

Some of you may not be privy to this, but I like some things in my life to be perfect and to work 100% of the time. Right now, there's something imperfect going on and it makes me coocoo for cocoa puffs and I can't let go of it until it is resolved. My favorite social media platform, Instagram, has not been working for me for over a week!

At first it was logging me out of the all the accounts that I handle, several times a day. Not very convenient for a digital marketer who uses it multiple times throughout the day. I heavily rely on the notifications that pop up on my mobile screen from Instagram and make a mental note to respond to them when time permits. Big problem for me.

Thankfully that issue has been resolved!

Still An Issue

The other problem that hasn't been fixed is that I can't post anything to my business Instagram account (but luckily I can for other businesses). Meaning I can't share my newsletter out. BIG PROBLEM as this is my main source of content and I can't amplify it on Instagram.


My point with today's newsletter is - social media is great, until it isn't. I'm totally bothered that I can't post anything to Instagram and it is completely out of my control and I'm having issues with this. I've looked on every help site that I can think of. My only solace is that it appears that others are experiencing similar problems and I'm hopeful Instagram is working on it

If you are an Instagram guru, please help!

Image Credit: Liz Bridges via Unsplash

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To Market We Go | Is It A Beautiful Day?


Keeping Up With The Kids

Facebook is the largest social platform right now with 1.9 billion users - many of whom are in their golden years. The social giant is hoping that Grandma and Grandpa will start using their new feature, Day, to stay in the know about what is going on in their precious snowflakes' eventful lives.

What Is Day?

On March 10th Facebook launched Messenger Day. In a nutshell, Day is a carbon copy of Snapchat. It operates within the Messenger app, allowing users to add video and pictures and filters that automatically delete after 24 hours. Sound familiar?

What's Going To Happen?

Time will tell if older generations will buy into this or even care. I personally think it will be easier for them to navigate rather than getting a Snapchat account and figuring out how to use that. But analysts are saying that people tend not to use Day because they use the Messenger app for chatting with one another and don't think to use the new feature or quickly discard it if they have given it a try.

The Takeaway

It is an attempt by the giant to get into Snap's game. It is another tool we can use in our obsession to overshare every detail of our lives. I'd love to hear your thoughts on it!

Image Credit: Pixaby

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To Market We Go | My Irish Eyes Are Smiling



Another running event - the Redondo St. Patrick's Day 5K - is under my belt and it was a win! Race registrations were up 18% from last year! Holla!!!

Challenge Accepted

Mike Ward, owner of the Village Runner, challenged me to replicate for his race what I did for the Manhattan Beach 10K...get more race registrations. 

Another Easy Sell

Just like the #mb10k this 5K was an easy sell. A seaside course with loads of fun offered before, during and after the event that also benefited a worthy group - the Redondo Beach Educational Foundation.

The only issue was that the race had no identity of it's own, specifically in the form of a website. It was a lonely page on the Village Runner site. I gave it a voice and created a website that was most-importantly scaled for mobile. I populated it with fun race imagery and created an atmosphere of celebration and community, which is what this special race is all about for my hometown of Redondo Beach.

Social Strategy

Then came the fun part for me...spinning the #stpats5k story on social media. It had a thriving Facebook page already, but there was no Twitter or Instagram set up. Once these platforms were good to go, I began to pump out the fun imagery: green beer, rainbows, leprechauns, shamrocks, oh my!

Once again, Facebook ads were my go-to to publicize the race. They were precisely targeted and delivered the message of FOMO - meaning folks who saw the ads experienced the good ol' Fear Of Missing Out and quickly registered!

It Is Not Rocket Science

The race needed the following:

  • a new website
  • a digital footprint
  • a digital ad campaign
  • a blog/email newsletter
  • a content strategy

And once these were all underway, the registrations rolled in!

Dial the digits if you need help amplifying your event 310.748.9128

Image Credit: Me

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To Market We Go | #stpats5k



The Redondo St. Patrick's Day 5K is happening this Sunday! I've been head down working on the digital marketing strategy for it and some nice results are taking place. I'll be doing a post-race recap next week.

Teaser - What's Working

  • Facebook Ads
  • Email Newsletter
  • Social media postings
  • Relationship building on social media
  • New website that is scaled to mobile

Register Today!

If you are in the South Bay area and looking for a fun and family-friendly event, you can register here until Thursday at midnight or in-person at Village Runner, Redondo Beach.

I appreciate your support!

I can help amplify your event 310.748.9128

Image Credit: SCS Photoworks

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To Market We Go | The Latest YouTube Sensation



Totally joking! Last week, I went out of my comfort zone and filmed myself on Facebook Live. Thanks to all of you who were kind enough to watch and give a thumbs up and positive comments. It was a nice ego boost for sure!

How I Did It

I hired a film crew, a makeup artist and lighting specialist. Nah, just stacked up some books on my desk and put my iPhone on top of them and pressed the record button. Super glam!

I did do a couple practice runs filming just with the phone so I made sure my eyeballs were looking in the right direction and I didn't look like a total dweeb. I also didn't have anything written out - just had an idea in my head of what I wanted to say and went with it so I'd sound more natural.

What I Learned:

  • That I can do it
  • It wasn't as nerve wracking as I thought it would be
  • It was good to get it done in the morning so I didn't have to fret about it all day
  • The thought of doing it weekly scares me
  • That I need a content strategy to help me
  • Practicing what you preach is hard
  • Putting yourself out there is freeing

The Takeaway

What I've been telling you about video is really true. People tend to watch video more than reading an article. 

That 46 second video reached 400 people and had 401 views, 16 likes and 6 comments. 

My newsletter I posted the next day reached 101 people, 4 likes and 1 comment.

I strongly encourage you to give video a try. There are lots of avenues to use: Facebook Live, Instagram Stories, Instagram Live, Snapchat, YouTube, etc. And you don't need a film crew to do it, just your little ol' self and your phone. I can't wait to watch what you do and pat you on the back afterwards!

If you need that push to put yourself out there, give me a ring 310.748.9128

Image Credit: YouTube

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To Market We Go | Foreword Films


Foreword Films

Last month I received an email from Connor Buss informing me that he had come across Taylor Digital Marketing on Instagram {the power of social media!!}. He explained that he, along with his brother and co-founder Andrew, had created a storytelling platform and independent production company aimed to create content and offer creative strategy to small businesses, start ups, and non-profits. He said they'd love to connect and talk about opportunities to work together as our business have similar missions.

I had an awesome chat with them about who they are and what their company does. They kindly offered to share my story about starting my new business on their website here.

Meet Andrew & Connor Buss

Now it is my turn to share their story with you!

In their own words:

"Our father gave us a camera to mess around with when we were 8 years old. Flash forward to today, and it’s all we’ve ever wanted to do.

We are brothers, best friends, and have always had a passion for two things: storytelling, and local business. So in the summer of 2012, we decided to merge those passions together to create a company that would satisfy both of those passions and give back to the communities that had given us everything.

Foreword Films aims to create content, branding and offer creative consulting for small businesses, start-ups and non-profits. By using the past, present and future as the element of the story, we’ve built out high level social media campaigns, created image archives and inventory, and produced some pretty cool films and videos along the way. Our work spans anywhere from web and digital media to high end video production and creative consulting, touching a lot of different elements in between. We’ve basically made ourselves out to be a progressive and innovative thinking one stop creative shop. Check out our website at to watch our story.

In the end, it’s all about capturing life and the experiences that occur within it in an organic and compelling way. We’re hoping to reacclimatize our audiences to the classic method of storytelling, stripped down of all the distractions that today’s “YouTube” generation has created. It all comes down to experiences for us. If we can present the experiences, the true stories, of our clients to an audience in an emotional, compelling and relatable way, then we’ve won. 

We’re fortunate to have discovered that life is simply a journey, a story waiting to be written, and we’re excited to create a career in doing so; living our passion, creating our dream. The pages are blank, the future is willing and able, your story is ready to be written. So let’s it write it together…"

Please check them out on social:

Image Credit: Foreword Films, INC.

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To Market We Go | MailChimp & Facebook Sittin' In A Tree...



Pretty big news happened last week. MailChimp and Facebook got "married" and had a baby - Facebook Ad Campaigns.

Check out the video here!

What This Means For You

Assuming you already use MailChimp for your email newsletters (if not, we better talk) you can now create Facebook ads inside MailChimp.

The best part - Facebook will find audiences that look similar to your most engaged customers (based off of info from your email list and integrating Facebook's data science models) and then generate a similar audience to market your ads to - they take the guess work of figuring out who to target off of your plate.  All of this takes place within the MailChimp interface so you never have to go into Facebook to create the ad. FYI, you have to spend at least $5 a day. 

Let me know if you've tried this and approve of this blessed union!

Image Credit: MailChimp

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To Market We Go | Dolla, Dolla Bills Y'all


Can You Spare A Dollar?

I'm continuing to talk about Facebook ads today because they are such a valuable tool for you to use with your business. Some ads can run for as little as a dollar a day {depending on your marketing objective}!

Case In Point

A close friend of mine has a Facebook business page for Music To Grieve To.  

He spent a dollar a day on an ad with the marketing objective being Engagement - getting more post engagements, Page likes, event responses or offer claims. His chosen objective was page likes. Guess what that dollar a day got him? 220 new Page likes in a week!!!! A percentage increase of 212.8%.

A mighty fine ROI if you ask me!

Side Note

If you are experiencing any sort of grief at the moment, check out his site here. There is scientific evidence that listening to sad music can help you heal. Now I know why Sarah McLachlan was my girl during an awful heartbreak :)

Let's chat if I can assist you with Facebook ads 310.748.9128

Image Credit: Music To Grieve To

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To Market We Go | Be A Thumb Stopper


Facebook Ads

I've written about them before here and here and today it is time to talk about them once again. Facebook's interface with Ads Manager - the place where you create ads for your business -  has become more user-friendly. Hooray! But I feel there is still so much more to learn.

Rolling In The Deep

I've been in deep with Facebook ads lately - specifically working on them for clients and trying to learn as much as I can about the best ways to use ads. 

A/B Testing

The image above is an ad I have been working on with Kyle Daniels Real Estate. We've done a lot of A/B testing. Initially we started with 2 similar images that had the same copy. We found that this image performed the best.

From there we did more tweaking: 

  • different audiences
  • different interests
  • different URLs 
  • different calls to action
  • different copy

Stop That Thumb

In a nutshell, we are trying to find the winning combination of an ad that is a thumb stopper (I heard this from a podcast - listen to it here)

What is a thumb stopper you may ask? It's a term that a clever person coined - meaning you've created an ad that stops people from scrolling through their Facebook feed.  If you've created an ad that gets them to stop scrolling and take a look at your ad, you have become a thumb stopper. That is our end goal, we want to create something that gets people's attention, makes them stop and look and that gets them to follow our call to action.

I can help you be a thumb stopper 310.748.9128

Image Credit: Kyle Daniels Real Estate

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To Market We Go | Seeing Green


When Irish Eyes Are Smiling

Last week I mentioned that I built a new website for the Redondo St. Patrick's Day 5K. Building this site felt like coming home after working on the Manhattan Beach 10K. I feel like I'm back in my wheelhouse and have a nice frame of reference to replicate the success of the 10K.


If you didn't have a chance to look at the St. Pat's site last week, I'd love if you'd check it out today, here! I don't know how St. Patrick's Day is celebrated in the Emerald Isle. But I have a sneaking suspicion that it's not as big of a hoopla as it is here in America. In our true American spirit of any excuse for a party, this race is all about having fun and celebrating with friends and family and getting downright silly.

It was a fun site to make because the imagery is all about advertising the celebration - the wearing o' the green, the shamrock headbands, the green tutus and rainbows painted on faces!

Register Today

I hope that if you live near the South Bay that you'd consider registering for it here. Thank you!

There are several reasons to say yes to it:

  • you can run it
  • you can walk it
  • the kids can participate in the dash
  • the scenery is beautiful
  • there's a costume contest
  • you won't feel guilty about eating green bagels
  • you can chug some green beer after
  • there's an after race party at Rock & Brews
  • a portion of registrations benefit the Redondo Beach Educational Foundation

The Taylor Clan will be down there participating in the revelry and cheering you on!

Call me if you'd like to chat about creating a website 310.748.9128

Image Credit: SCS Photoworks

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To Market We Go | Here's To A Kick A$$ 2017!


I'm Back!

2017 started out a little topsy turvy for me, with a nice little bout of bronchitis. But with some good ol' cough syrup with codeine I'm getting back in the game!

Good Stuff Is Coming

During December I was working my guts out on a new website. Check out the Redondo St. Patrick's Day 5K here. I'd be thrilled if you registered and helped a sister out!!!  If you are in town on Sunday, March 12, 2017 I'll cheer you on as you run or walk by. Thanks!

I've got more sites in the works and other fun projects that I will be writing about in the coming weeks.

There are so many ways that I can help your business grow in 2017! Call today so we can chat 310.748.9128

Image Credit: Austin Schmid via Unsplash

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To Market We Go | Mele Kalikimaka


Merry, Merry

As 2016 comes to a close, I'd like to wish all of you a very Merry Christmas! Thank you all for your support of Taylor Digital Marketing this year!

This will be my final newsletter for 2016

See Ya Next Year!

Image Credit: Tim Mossholder via Unsplash

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