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Forever Plaid

Who else wore a plaid jumper during their formative years? I was in a Catholic school uniform from Kinder all the way to 12th grade. I'm sure I complained some days about it, but deep down I really liked it {and may have shown up to a Halloween party in one}!

Speaking of Catholic schools, they have been on my mind recently as I'm currently building a new website for one. I've spent some time looking at a lot of other school websites in the Los Angles area and what I'm seeing is not very cool.

Lots of problems:

  • outdated
  • not scaled to mobile
  • not user-friendly
  • poor imagery
  • too many choices in the menu nav
  • too much unnecessary info.
  • totally not cool

In fact, one parent recently told me that they didn't even consider one of the schools because the website looked like it was straight outta the 90's. 

Are You Listening Principals?

That school lost a paying customer, solely based on their sad digital presence. They might have had the highest test scores and cream of the crop teachers, but because their website stinks people don't take them seriously. Summer is coming and it is the perfect time for principals to look at their digital footprint, or lack thereof, and make some changes.

Time To Get On The Bus

Catholic schools are a business just like any other. They heavily rely on customers, returning and new, to keep themselves afloat. It is time to get modern, compete with other schools and get taken seriously in meeting the digital demands of families and their kids.

Give me a call if your website needs a revamp310.748.9128

Image Credit: Dean Hochman via Flickr

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To Market We Go | My Irish Eyes Are Smiling



Another running event - the Redondo St. Patrick's Day 5K - is under my belt and it was a win! Race registrations were up 18% from last year! Holla!!!

Challenge Accepted

Mike Ward, owner of the Village Runner, challenged me to replicate for his race what I did for the Manhattan Beach 10K...get more race registrations. 

Another Easy Sell

Just like the #mb10k this 5K was an easy sell. A seaside course with loads of fun offered before, during and after the event that also benefited a worthy group - the Redondo Beach Educational Foundation.

The only issue was that the race had no identity of it's own, specifically in the form of a website. It was a lonely page on the Village Runner site. I gave it a voice and created a website that was most-importantly scaled for mobile. I populated it with fun race imagery and created an atmosphere of celebration and community, which is what this special race is all about for my hometown of Redondo Beach.

Social Strategy

Then came the fun part for me...spinning the #stpats5k story on social media. It had a thriving Facebook page already, but there was no Twitter or Instagram set up. Once these platforms were good to go, I began to pump out the fun imagery: green beer, rainbows, leprechauns, shamrocks, oh my!

Once again, Facebook ads were my go-to to publicize the race. They were precisely targeted and delivered the message of FOMO - meaning folks who saw the ads experienced the good ol' Fear Of Missing Out and quickly registered!

It Is Not Rocket Science

The race needed the following:

  • a new website
  • a digital footprint
  • a digital ad campaign
  • a blog/email newsletter
  • a content strategy

And once these were all underway, the registrations rolled in!

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To Market We Go | #stpats5k



The Redondo St. Patrick's Day 5K is happening this Sunday! I've been head down working on the digital marketing strategy for it and some nice results are taking place. I'll be doing a post-race recap next week.

Teaser - What's Working

  • Facebook Ads
  • Email Newsletter
  • Social media postings
  • Relationship building on social media
  • New website that is scaled to mobile

Register Today!

If you are in the South Bay area and looking for a fun and family-friendly event, you can register here until Thursday at midnight or in-person at Village Runner, Redondo Beach.

I appreciate your support!

I can help amplify your event 310.748.9128

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To Market We Go | The Meat Of A Digital Strategy


Today’s newsletter is about the digital strategy that was employed for the Manhattan Beach 10K Run and how I assisted in getting them back to their high registration numbers. To do this, they needed a kick a$$ plan and that is what I delivered!

Content Strategy

Beginning in June, at the onset of each month, I formulated a detailed content strategy. This is a great practice to get into the habit of doing yourself as it gives you a focus and clear direction for the month. It becomes your guide that you can always turn to and keeps you on the right path so you aren’t just dreaming up random content willy nilly.

Each content strategy included:

  • the intent/goal for the month
  • updating the website
  • email newsletter topics
  • social media content strategies
  • facebook ad strategies

Digital Footprint

In June, I started building the infrastructure for the digital footprint. The run already had Facebook and Instagram pages but they were lacking a Twitter page.


They had over 1,300 followers but the page needed to be freshened up. I tidied it up and made sure it had the current logo, the 2016 race date and a new cover photo. Next, I updated the “About” section and added in all the important categories in that area which included an overview and detailed page information.Those seemingly steps brought new life to the page and followers started liking the new imagery immediately. I also began to follow all of the race sponsors as the page admin and began liking their content and commenting on it. Suddenly there was a human being behind the page making things happen and people were noticing.


The page initially had 41 followers and one lonely post. Off to work I went and started editing the profile. Gave it the same logo as I used for Facebook, made sure the website address was correct, changed the bio to reflect the 2016 race date and announce that registration would open in July, and updated the email address. Once again, started following every single race sponsor, as many Manhattan Beach {and for that matter - South Bay} businesses, offices, restaurants, etc. as I possibly could. 


The run did not have a Twitter page, so I created one. Can you guess what I did next? Yes...same logo for the profile picture as the other 2 platforms, a cool header photo, race date info., link to the new website. And what else? Started following all the usual suspects.

Method To My Madness

Do you see a pattern here? Yes! The 3 social platforms became a unified team as far as branding and reflecting all the pertinent information about the race. No longer could people say, “Well geez I couldn’t run the race because I didn’t know when it was.”

When registration opened in July, people immediately began to sign up for the race because they had been properly informed (via the website and social media) about the why, when and how.

Content, Content, Content

Once the infrastructure was built for the digital footprint, I began to populate the 3 platforms with content. And not just any content, it was purposeful (see content strategy above). It went from informing everyone about the newly designed website, to disseminating race information, to creating content that brought value to anyone who would be interested in participating in the race, to encouraging people to start using the hashtag - #mb10k.

While content was being spun, I made damn sure I was following, liking, and commenting on as many Manhattan Beach businesses as I could. If they saw that the MB10K was paying attention to their content, my hope was that they’d pay attention to ours and return the favor and ideally share it on their pages. And boy did it work! Followers started growing and our content began getting tons of likes, comments, shares, retweets and people were using #mb10k!!!

Cross Promotion

All of a sudden the Manhattan Beach Farmers Market and the Manhattan Beach Parks and Rec Department started following and interacting with the race. The farmers market reached out via Instagram and asked if we’d like to have a booth there this summer. We did and it was a great success where people stopped by and were rewarded with treats and incentives to register. In turn these 2 groups started cross promoting the race and we promoted their various events. It was a win win for all involved!

Free 90 Free

And by the way, having a Facebook business page, Instagram and Twitter pages are FREE!!! This is your opportunity to put your hat in the game and start having other people notice you. There's no Yellow Pages anymore my friends, it is the digital age and I hope for your sake you are on this train. No excuses!

Check in next week for more exciting happenings. Facebook ads and newsletters started creating a stir, and a big name sought out the run for cross promotion!

Dial the digits so I can help you with your digital strategy 310.748.9128

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To Market We Go | The Rebirth Of The #mb10k


Last week I wrote about how I landed the Manhattan Beach 10K Run job here.

What Next?

The next step involved meeting with the Race Director and a Race Committee member to discuss what they were hoping to accomplish with this year’s event. They informed me that their registration numbers had decreased for the last 2 years and that they were missing participants in the 18-40 year old market. Point blank they were looking to increase registrations for 2016. There is nothing better than a clear and relatively simple goal!

In May the Wall Street Journal published an article entitled: “How Millennials Ended The Running Boom”. The article discussed how millennials are now the largest population, surpassing baby boomers, and that they are looking for “experiences” in fitness classes rather than choosing to run a road race. Not good news for those in the running business.

Clear Cut Plan

I was confident that I could help the race get to where they wanted to be. After all, their “product” was an easy sell - a race in one of the toniest beach cities where all proceeds went directly back to the community, who wouldn't want to participate?!

I knew the run needed a modern website that was mobile friendly, they needed to plant a firm digital footprint, and they needed to decrease their budget on traditional print advertising in local papers. I put together a Scope Of Work and Proposal that outlined their challenges and how I could best serve them to get more folks to sign up

Simply Put, They Needed:

  • a new website
  • a digital footprint
  • an email newsletter
  • a content strategy
  • a digital advertising strategy

The first task was to get the new website up and running. Once I had accomplished this, it felt like the race had a rebirth, it was hip and in sync with 2016! Hooray!

It immediately started doing its job of:

  • informing people of the race date
  • collecting new emails that enticed people to stay in the know for registration opening
  • building excitement about why people should run the race
  • letting them know all the other important info.

Check-in next week for more about the meat of it all, the digital strategy! Yes, you need a website in this day and age, but if you don't do anything to drive people to it, there's no reason for it to exist.

Give me a call if you'd like help with your digital marketing 310.748.9128

Image Credit: Manhattan Beach 10K Run

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To Market We Go | How I Got The #MB10K Job


First Things First

For the next month, I’ll be writing a series of articles about my experience with the Manhattan Beach 10K Run and how a carefully planned out digital marketing strategy helped the race get 20% more registrants than last year. 20% more!!!!!

How I Got The Gig

If I had a dollar for every time someone asked me how I got the Manhattan Beach 10K Run job, well, I’d have a lot of dollars! It involved a bit of luck, knowing a key player, being in the right place at the right time, and another job offer.

Knowing The Right People

In early January of this year I made it known that I’d officially be starting my own business, Taylor Digital Marketing. You can read more about that here. At that time Erik was my PR person and promoting me as much as he could, as any great husband is inclined to do.

He spoke to a friend of ours and told her what I was doing. She just happens to be the Registration Director for the race. She was beyond excited and expressed that the race needed a shot in the arm to boost dwindling numbers for the past 2 years. She promised that she would recommend me to the Race Committee!

A couple of months passed and I didn’t hear anything. Being the sometimes pessimist that I am, I thought they’re never going to call me, too bad, so sad. At that same time another job opportunity, in the education field, presented itself to me. I ended up applying for it and went through a few interviews. My thought process was I could have a steady paycheck coming in while I build Taylor Digital Marketing.

A Job Offer

In the Spring, I received an email from a Race Committee member saying that they’d like to meet with me and see what I had to offer. That same day, within an hour’s time I received a message from the principal offering me the other job. This was the sign I needed to make my decision.

While I was proud of myself for dusting off my resume and having my first job interview in 15 years, I was supremely more excited to get the email from the MB10K! I decided to turn the school job down and pursue where my heart really was, being my own boss lady.

Tune In

Catch my newsletter next week and I’ll letcha know how the ball got rolling and made this year’s MB10K uber successful!

Image Credit: Molly Taylor


To Market We Go | Best Job Ever!


Winner Winner, Chicken Dinner

I am pleased to announce that I have the best job!

Let me tell you why:

  • I get to work from home
  • I get to see my husband and kids
  • I make my own hours
  • I get to work with people that have become close friends
  • I get to work with people who are fun and passionate about what they do
  • I get to have a coffee break whenever I damn well please

What I have learned so far:

  • How to build authentic relationships on social media
  • How to market a large event on social media
  • How to build up a sizable email list
  • How to build websites
  • How to write and build blogs and newsletters
  • How to build out a digital footprint
  • How to help others improve their businesses
  • How to build a media page for a website
  • How to inject code (just a little)
  • How to spin social media so that it is fun, helpful, & positive
  • How to use Photoshop - although I still have a ton more to learn
  • How to interview people like a quasi journalist
  • How all colors have a 6 digit hex color code (I know, so cool, my fave is white = ffffff)
  • How I put my heart and soul into the work I do for others as if it were my own

People I've interacted with because of this job:

  • the L.A. Kings marketing department
  • a writer for Competitor Magazine
  • brand managers & marketers for Tone It Up & Perfect Fit
  • business owners 
  • lawyers
  • realtors
  • therapists
  • musicians
  • runners
  • students
  • designers
  • kings, queens, heads of state (o.k., maybe not, but the rest are true!)

More Later

As I wrap up my work on the #mb10k in the next few weeks, I will fill you in on all the details of the journey with them and what ensued from my blood, sweat & tears.

Shameless Plug

Have you signed up for the Manhattan Beach 10K yet? If not, here's your chance! I'd love your help in getting this awesome event to full capacity. Thank you!

If you need some more heart and soul in your biz, dial the digits 310.748.9128.

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To Market We Go | The Other Man In My Life


Do I Have Your Attention Now?!

Yes, I have another man in my life and it’s time I introduced you to him. He’s tall, handsome, has a nice accent and a heart of gold. I’ve been seeing him for a couple years now.

Now get your heads outta the gutter!

All the things I said are true, but not what you may be thinking! This other man in my life is my mentor and he has taught me everything I need to know about my newest career.

Meet My Sensei

His name is Andrew McCluskey and he is a Scotsman, hence the thick brogue. A friend introduced my husband to Andrew about 2 years ago and after many trial and errors with other web designers, Andrew stuck.

I would hear this powerful voice on the other end of Erik’s Skype call and wonder who the heck he was talking to. Soon I started getting involved with the calls and helping Erik out with his social media and then it lead to me learning from Andrew about how to handle Erik’s digital strategy.

The Man, The Myth, The Legend

But Andrew doesn’t just design amazing websites. Where he really shines is helping business owners with their marketing and business strategies.

And with many thanks to him I have learned more than I ever imagined and continue to learn from him. I am forever indebted to him for his patience, guidance, and always pushing me towards perfection (even though I may have shed a tear or two wondering how I was going to get everything done while simultaneously being the CEO of the Taylor household!)

Simply Friday

Take a look at his website, Simply Friday, to see what he is all about. While you are there, sign up for his weekly newsletter about digital marketing, it is helpful and entertaining!


Fun fact about Andrew: his true love is music. He moved to America to join a rock band! If you do nothing else, please check out his Instagram post here!!

He has another super cool site, musicto, that features his original, instrumental (mostly piano) music and the science behind how music helps you to grieve, to work, to study, to do anything really. This is his true passion and it is reflected in this website! Amazing stuff!

Thanks, Andrew, catch ya later!

Image Credit: My Main Squeeze :)

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To Market We Go | A Leap Of Faith


The Proverbial They

They {I would love to know exactly who they are, wouldn’t you?} say that you should do something once a day that scares you. By golly I’m doing it! I have started my very own business. A digital marketing business to be exact.



In the summer of 2015 I began the process of learning how to do website “stuff” for my husband’s business. That “stuff” consisted of posting his newsletter and videos to his website, sharing them out to social media, and doing analytics. I had been previously helping him with the social media side of things and was looking for a new challenge.

Much to my own shock, I realized that I loved doing all of this “stuff”! Never in my life did I think I’d be a techy geek. It began to consume my thoughts and I found myself talking to people about what I had been doing. I noticed their eyes glazed over while mine widened with excitement!

For the past 4 years I have been a stay-at-home mama happily raising our two beautiful daughters. But doing this work gave me a new purpose and it was a different way that I could help out the family.


Puzzle Pieces

I realized that the work I was doing for Erik’s business felt like putting a puzzle together and I love puzzles and I love this work! Once I became familiar with the new knowledge and comfortable doing it, I thought why not do this for other businesses?! 

So here I am, taking a leap of faith and venturing out to take on a new career path, so different from my previous job of teaching elementary school. This new job has become my passion and I’m super excited to see where it goes. I hope to offer small businesses the knowledge and support they need to market themselves in the ever-growing digital world.


If you are a small business and interested in how I can help you, give me a call 310.748.9128 and we'll start the process!


Image Credit: Redd Angelo on Unsplash

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