To Market We Go | A Leap Of Faith


The Proverbial They

They {I would love to know exactly who they are, wouldn’t you?} say that you should do something once a day that scares you. By golly I’m doing it! I have started my very own business. A digital marketing business to be exact.



In the summer of 2015 I began the process of learning how to do website “stuff” for my husband’s business. That “stuff” consisted of posting his newsletter and videos to his website, sharing them out to social media, and doing analytics. I had been previously helping him with the social media side of things and was looking for a new challenge.

Much to my own shock, I realized that I loved doing all of this “stuff”! Never in my life did I think I’d be a techy geek. It began to consume my thoughts and I found myself talking to people about what I had been doing. I noticed their eyes glazed over while mine widened with excitement!

For the past 4 years I have been a stay-at-home mama happily raising our two beautiful daughters. But doing this work gave me a new purpose and it was a different way that I could help out the family.


Puzzle Pieces

I realized that the work I was doing for Erik’s business felt like putting a puzzle together and I love puzzles and I love this work! Once I became familiar with the new knowledge and comfortable doing it, I thought why not do this for other businesses?! 

So here I am, taking a leap of faith and venturing out to take on a new career path, so different from my previous job of teaching elementary school. This new job has become my passion and I’m super excited to see where it goes. I hope to offer small businesses the knowledge and support they need to market themselves in the ever-growing digital world.


If you are a small business and interested in how I can help you, give me a call 310.748.9128 and we'll start the process!


Image Credit: Redd Angelo on Unsplash

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