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Do I Have Your Attention Now?!

Yes, I have another man in my life and it’s time I introduced you to him. He’s tall, handsome, has a nice accent and a heart of gold. I’ve been seeing him for a couple years now.

Now get your heads outta the gutter!

All the things I said are true, but not what you may be thinking! This other man in my life is my mentor and he has taught me everything I need to know about my newest career.

Meet My Sensei

His name is Andrew McCluskey and he is a Scotsman, hence the thick brogue. A friend introduced my husband to Andrew about 2 years ago and after many trial and errors with other web designers, Andrew stuck.

I would hear this powerful voice on the other end of Erik’s Skype call and wonder who the heck he was talking to. Soon I started getting involved with the calls and helping Erik out with his social media and then it lead to me learning from Andrew about how to handle Erik’s digital strategy.

The Man, The Myth, The Legend

But Andrew doesn’t just design amazing websites. Where he really shines is helping business owners with their marketing and business strategies.

And with many thanks to him I have learned more than I ever imagined and continue to learn from him. I am forever indebted to him for his patience, guidance, and always pushing me towards perfection (even though I may have shed a tear or two wondering how I was going to get everything done while simultaneously being the CEO of the Taylor household!)

Simply Friday

Take a look at his website, Simply Friday, to see what he is all about. While you are there, sign up for his weekly newsletter about digital marketing, it is helpful and entertaining!


Fun fact about Andrew: his true love is music. He moved to America to join a rock band! If you do nothing else, please check out his Instagram post here!!

He has another super cool site, musicto, that features his original, instrumental (mostly piano) music and the science behind how music helps you to grieve, to work, to study, to do anything really. This is his true passion and it is reflected in this website! Amazing stuff!

Thanks, Andrew, catch ya later!

Image Credit: My Main Squeeze :)

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