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I Wanna See

I follow quite a few realtors on social media for a couple reasons. One, I like to be a lookie loo and get a glimpse of all the beautiful houses that are in the South Bay. And two, I think the majority of them do a super job with their websites and social pages.

Gillespie Host Group

Screenshot of their intro. video

Screenshot of their intro. video

The Gillespie Host Group has been on my radar recently. They have a GORGEOUS website! Right from the get-go they draw you in with the stunning video of the Manhattan Beach lifestyle and shots of hot properties around town. The second smart thing they do is make it about the client. Right underneath the video it says, “YOUR INTERESTS FRONT AND CENTER” immediately followed by a simple form to help you search for a home. Bam! I’m in! Once that money tree starts producing in the backyard, they’ll be getting a call from me! Nicely done, folks.

The South Bay Sisters

Notice their interactions here!

Notice their interactions here!

Another group that I follow are The South Bay Sisters. This duo slays it on social media! Their Instagram profile invites us to see how they work and play in the South Bay. And boy do they deliver! Soffi and Kacey completely have a handle on what Instagram is all about. They post killer shots of the beach, homes and all the fun that is to be had in the South Bay. Another brilliant thing they do on social, which I have written about before here, is they engage with their audience. They reply to comments and interact with other people on their accounts. Kudos to the sistahs!!!

The Weber Accetta Group

Who wouldn't want to bathe here?!

Who wouldn't want to bathe here?!

One last duo I’d like to highlight is the Weber Accetta Group. I follow them on Instagram and they also have it right on this particular platform. They post absolutely beautiful shots of homes! I really dig their interior pics (we are ALL curious to see what the inside of a house looks like, right?!)  I also enjoy their blog where they congratulate new home owners, tell their story and provide helpful information about the real estate world. People love reading something that is short, to the point and delivers a useful tip or two. Way to go ladies!

Some Fixer-Uppers

I wanted to talk about some real estate groups that could use a little help. But to be honest, I just didn’t have the heart to post their pictures and critique them. But here’s where I think they can improve:

  • Better websites that are less wordy and more image driven
  • Crystal clear pictures - I saw quite a few blurry ones
  • Use drone videos, use drone videos, use drone videos
  • A great hero shot of the team
  • More use of social media platforms
  • Interact more on social media
  • Collect emails straight from the website
  • Have a blog/email newsletter that offers value to the client

If you need some fixing up, I'll bring the hammer and nails 310.748.9128

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