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Haven’t Got Time For The Pain

I joined twitter and got a personal account in 2014. I remember sending my first tweet: “Tweet tweet! Just joined! #newbie”. It was fun finding people to follow and even more fun having followers. Then I quickly lost interest because my feed turned into a jumbled mess of rants from strange folks and celebrity gossip and I felt like I couldn’t keep on top of everything scrolling across the screen. Hence, haven't got time for the pain! {FYI: This is one of my personal favorite sayings when I am particularly fed up with people and the world.}

Business Time

When I officially started Taylor Digital Marketing, I knew that Twitter was a platform that I needed to be on. I started my business account in April of this year, @Taylor_digital, and began following local businesses and tons of digital marketers.

As a business owner I had a new pair of eyes and a new perspective for Twitter. I found that I could build relationships with other local business and learn from other marketers. I spent time looking around and seeing what other people were doing here.

Reach Out And Touch Someone’s Twitter Handle

I have been making a conscious effort to reach out to people on Twitter for the Manhattan Beach 10K. I scoured the platform for people using #mb10k in their tweets. If I found one, I liked their tweet and made a direct and personal reply to them on behalf of the race.

I reached out to Dig MB, a local company that has a website and newsletter all about the city of Manhattan Beach. I asked them if they’d help spread the word about this awesome community run. I was expecting them to send out a simple tweet plugging the race. Instead, they went above and beyond my expectations, they ended up writing a newsletter about the race and sent it out to their email list. WOW!

A college student tweeted that he signed up for the race on Monday. I replied our thanks to his tweet. In return he followed the race’s twitter page and I messaged him a thank you. He promptly wrote back and said, “Of course! Been running it for years, even received a college scholarship from you guys. Always make time to head back for the race!”  

And now I’m hoping to interview him for the race’s next newsletter and share how the money raised from this run goes right back to the community of Manhattan Beach.

Put In The Time

My longwinded point is this: spend time on genuine interactions with other human beings on your social platforms and you just might be surprised about the positive vibes you get back in return! {I got time for this!}

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