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Forever Plaid

Who else wore a plaid jumper during their formative years? I was in a Catholic school uniform from Kinder all the way to 12th grade. I'm sure I complained some days about it, but deep down I really liked it {and may have shown up to a Halloween party in one}!

Speaking of Catholic schools, they have been on my mind recently as I'm currently building a new website for one. I've spent some time looking at a lot of other school websites in the Los Angles area and what I'm seeing is not very cool.

Lots of problems:

  • outdated
  • not scaled to mobile
  • not user-friendly
  • poor imagery
  • too many choices in the menu nav
  • too much unnecessary info.
  • totally not cool

In fact, one parent recently told me that they didn't even consider one of the schools because the website looked like it was straight outta the 90's. 

Are You Listening Principals?

That school lost a paying customer, solely based on their sad digital presence. They might have had the highest test scores and cream of the crop teachers, but because their website stinks people don't take them seriously. Summer is coming and it is the perfect time for principals to look at their digital footprint, or lack thereof, and make some changes.

Time To Get On The Bus

Catholic schools are a business just like any other. They heavily rely on customers, returning and new, to keep themselves afloat. It is time to get modern, compete with other schools and get taken seriously in meeting the digital demands of families and their kids.

Give me a call if your website needs a revamp310.748.9128

Image Credit: Dean Hochman via Flickr

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