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Saturdays and PJs Always Get Me Down

This past Saturday morning after my daily meditation (thanks Deepak), I was lounging in my pjs, sipping my freshly brewed coffee, peacefully reading my favorite part of the paper, the Saturday section of the L.A. Times.

Hold up! That was my fantasy world.

The reality was, kids bickering with each other, while simultaneously yelping for their breakfast at 6 a.m., while I’m sipping once hot coffee that has now become lukewarm and muttering under my breath, “Why can’t I ever have a moment of peace to myself?”

You feel me, Deepak?


When I did manage to finally peruse the Saturday section, I came across an article about how foodies are connecting via Instagram.  Friendships are struck with what begins as a mutual admiration of each other’s obligatory #foodporn and leads to them actually meeting in person to break bread together and forge genuine friendships. How serendipitous is that?

Let's Be Friends!

And that my friends, is how you grow your community in social media land. Sure, anyone can expand their list of followers by paying for them. But who really wants to do that?

How about you earn them the honest and respectable way…through authentic engagement with like-minded individuals. Social media platforms, like Instagram, allow us to easily connect to someone a world away that we would never have an opportunity to cross paths with in our everyday comings and goings. How do you do that?

Let It Grow

Step 1. Be humble and kind

Step 2. Start interacting with other businesses

  • Follow them
  • Like, heart or retweet what they have to say
  • Make a positive comment on their latest post

Step 3. Keep repeating Steps 1 and 2 forever and ever Amen

Step 4. Watch your community of followers grow as you lounge around on a Saturday morning, tuning out the blare of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles on the boob tube.

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