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Colorful Language

How many times have you said this or perhaps something a little more colorful?! While I may not always say it out loud, thanks to the two little minions who cohabitate with me, similar phrases have passed under my breath, especially of late.


Because I’m tired of the negativity that surrounds the air, like the stink bombs that would go off in the hallways of my high school now and again. But just as quickly as that unmistakable stench of sulfur dissipates so too does the negativity. It’s up to you to blow it away, don’t let it linger and drag you down.

Doing The Work Is Hard

Putting content out on your website and social media on a monthly, weekly or daily basis is no easy task. It is a challenge to come up with fresh, hot, sexy ideas that will get our dwindling attention spans to stop and look for more than 2 seconds. We don't become experts at spitting out content overnight, it takes practice, time, patience, determination, failure and a lot of hard work.

Bully For You!

I applaud ALL OF YOU who are putting yourselves out there for public scrutiny! You are doing an awesome job with your videos, pictures, newsletters, snaps, tweets and whatever else you are pulling out of your bag of tricks.

When people take shots at you for what you are doing, let it go.  You are sticking your neck out further than the haters will ever dare to do!  Don’t let them get to you!!

Focus On The Positives

Choose to focus on the positive people that you encounter. Think about the compliments you receive, the repeat customers you have, the people who sing your praises, the ones who seek you out because you are an expert in your field. Those are the people who are deserving of your attention and energy!

Just like Taylor sings, “...the haters gonna hate, hate, hate, hate, hate, Baby, I'm just gonna shake, shake, shake, shake, shake shake it off, shake it off...”

Keep on keepin’ on and know that I am on your team, rooting for you all the way! You got this!

Image Credit: Molly Taylor

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