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Snapchat Geofilters

I’m about to embark on creating a Snapchat Geofilter for the Manhattan Beach 10K Run. If all goes according to plan, as the runners finish the race and linger around the pier they will be taking selfies and using the special filter.

How It Works:

  • Sign into your account on
  • Have a design ready or use a Snapchat template: your logo or something related to your event, location or business
  • Pick a date and set a geofence (only people in the specific area you have chosen can have access to it) for your filter
  • Submit it for Snapchat’s approval and buy it

Use It For Your Event

I previously wrote, here, that Snapchat does skew young. My main goal is to capture the tweens, teens and younger millennials and give them an opportunity to spread the news that the race is fun. I secretly hope that others who have the app on their phone will use it as well. I see plenty of people older than 25 who are having a blast using the Geofilters. I also have been seeing them used for all kinds of events: weddings, birthday parties, schools, and at local retail shops and restaurants.


I recently read about a new yoga class that only plays music by the rapper Drake. They have created their very own filter of Drake in mountain pose shedding a tear (apparently he’s known for his sensitivity). Yogis are encouraged to use the filter at the class which takes place at a nightclub.

While this may make the serious Downward Doggers put their tail between their legs, I find it pretty brilliant. It gets people’s attention, it gets them curious about where the class is happening and very likely gets more people to take the class the next month. Proper etiquette for most yoga studios? No! Fun for a monthly class at a hot nightclub in L.A.? Totally!

The Takeaway

Clearly I appreciate that Snapchat is not for everyone and for all businesses. But if you cater to a younger, hip crowd and have a cool event coming up I think it might be fun to think about and try if it is in your budget.  Who knows, maybe in the future you’ll be at your dental office taking a selfie with your freshly cleaned pearly whites and overlaying a funny filter from there. Stranger things have happened!

I’d love to hear about your experience using or creating your own Geofilter, please shoot me an email!

If you need help getting started with Snapchat, give me a holler 310.748.9128

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