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You Are A Storyteller

Everyone has a story to tell. With the huge popularity of social media, you have a built-in audience sitting criss-cross applesauce right at your feet. {Remember preschool story time on the rug?}

Think about your favorite storyteller. What it is about them that has you all ears? Do they make you laugh, do they make you visualize what is happening, do they make you believe them, do they make you think, do they stay with you the rest of the day?

Just as storytellers engage you, you can now do the same with your audience and your content {your story}.

What Do I Tell?

Common questions and doubts comes up with regards to content:

  • I don’t know what to put out. 
  • Will people like it? 
  • Should I put out videos, articles, newsletters?

Here’s the straightforward answer - put out content that you’d enjoy consuming yourself. If you are you great on camera, post a video. If you have a way with words, put out a long post. If photography is your thing, post an eye-catching image.

And just like I wrote last week, you will become better with practice, it will become second nature for you, you will find out what is comfortable for you and you will get immediate feedback from your audience. If you hear crickets chirping, change up your strategy. If you get a load of interaction and positive feedback, keep going down that road because you know it’s working.

Tell your story and while you are doing it be:

  • authentic
  • vulnerable
  • humorous
  • real
  • honest
  • compelling
  • approachable
  • personable

You will find that people will resonate with what you are saying and relate to you.

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