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Are you on Instagram?

  1. Yes! Great job!
  2. No. Tsk! Tsk!

If you answered no, get on there right now! While your parents are spending their free time connecting with their cronies on Facebook, more than likely your compadres and more importantly your customers are on Instagram.

Instagram Is Instagood

Instagram is my personal favorite social media platform right now. I’m tired of my Facebook feed with videos of cats, Trump memes, and people’s innermost thoughts shared with 500 of their closest friends. It just feels too cluttered for me at the moment.

But Instagram totally has my attention.

Let me tell you why:

  • It is image driven with loads of cool and drool-worthy pics
  • Short videos (anywhere from 3-60 seconds for iOS & Android)
  • Clean looking & easy to scroll through, heart (if you like something), and comment
  • Just the right amount of interaction between followers
  • It has a simple interface that’s easy to navigate around
  • The price is right, it’s a free App
  • Can quickly find new & creative people, businesses, & interests to follow
  • Love their helpful # count! You can type in any hashtag & it tells you how many times it’s been used
  • Advertising isn’t annoying, they come through as a sponsored ad that is native to the platform (basically it doesn’t stick out like a sore thumb and scream “I’m an ad!”)
  • It’s educational, I learn a lot from the people & businesses I follow
  • It’s simple & quick to post content on the fly, with built-in filters & editing tools

If you don’t have it on your phone here’s the link to create your account. You can use it on your computer, but it’s really meant to be used on your mobile.

Here’s a sampling of businesses putting out awesome content on Instagram:

@alandreaboutique: a contemporary clothing & denim boutique.

@eriktaylorsfit: 1 on 1 personal trainer or online fitness & nutrition programs {full disclosure: he’s my hubby & #1 client!}

@savorynsweetinc: bringing food to you with a vintage style

@Hedleyandbennett: a hot apron company that always has fun, food, & frivolity

If you’d like help getting started with Instagram, call me 310.748.9128

Image Credit: Zenspa1 on Flickr

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