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Facebook Ads

I've written about them before here and here and today it is time to talk about them once again. Facebook's interface with Ads Manager - the place where you create ads for your business -  has become more user-friendly. Hooray! But I feel there is still so much more to learn.

Rolling In The Deep

I've been in deep with Facebook ads lately - specifically working on them for clients and trying to learn as much as I can about the best ways to use ads. 

A/B Testing

The image above is an ad I have been working on with Kyle Daniels Real Estate. We've done a lot of A/B testing. Initially we started with 2 similar images that had the same copy. We found that this image performed the best.

From there we did more tweaking: 

  • different audiences
  • different interests
  • different URLs 
  • different calls to action
  • different copy

Stop That Thumb

In a nutshell, we are trying to find the winning combination of an ad that is a thumb stopper (I heard this from a podcast - listen to it here)

What is a thumb stopper you may ask? It's a term that a clever person coined - meaning you've created an ad that stops people from scrolling through their Facebook feed.  If you've created an ad that gets them to stop scrolling and take a look at your ad, you have become a thumb stopper. That is our end goal, we want to create something that gets people's attention, makes them stop and look and that gets them to follow our call to action.

I can help you be a thumb stopper 310.748.9128

Image Credit: Kyle Daniels Real Estate

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