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Pretty big news happened last week. MailChimp and Facebook got "married" and had a baby - Facebook Ad Campaigns.

Check out the video here!

What This Means For You

Assuming you already use MailChimp for your email newsletters (if not, we better talk) you can now create Facebook ads inside MailChimp.

The best part - Facebook will find audiences that look similar to your most engaged customers (based off of info from your email list and integrating Facebook's data science models) and then generate a similar audience to market your ads to - they take the guess work of figuring out who to target off of your plate.  All of this takes place within the MailChimp interface so you never have to go into Facebook to create the ad. FYI, you have to spend at least $5 a day. 

Let me know if you've tried this and approve of this blessed union!

Image Credit: MailChimp

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To Market We Go | Be A Thumb Stopper


Facebook Ads

I've written about them before here and here and today it is time to talk about them once again. Facebook's interface with Ads Manager - the place where you create ads for your business -  has become more user-friendly. Hooray! But I feel there is still so much more to learn.

Rolling In The Deep

I've been in deep with Facebook ads lately - specifically working on them for clients and trying to learn as much as I can about the best ways to use ads. 

A/B Testing

The image above is an ad I have been working on with Kyle Daniels Real Estate. We've done a lot of A/B testing. Initially we started with 2 similar images that had the same copy. We found that this image performed the best.

From there we did more tweaking: 

  • different audiences
  • different interests
  • different URLs 
  • different calls to action
  • different copy

Stop That Thumb

In a nutshell, we are trying to find the winning combination of an ad that is a thumb stopper (I heard this from a podcast - listen to it here)

What is a thumb stopper you may ask? It's a term that a clever person coined - meaning you've created an ad that stops people from scrolling through their Facebook feed.  If you've created an ad that gets them to stop scrolling and take a look at your ad, you have become a thumb stopper. That is our end goal, we want to create something that gets people's attention, makes them stop and look and that gets them to follow our call to action.

I can help you be a thumb stopper 310.748.9128

Image Credit: Kyle Daniels Real Estate

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To Market We Go | Opportunity Comes Knocking


Next Steps

Once I had built the digital footprint for the Manhattan Beach 10K and began populating the social platforms with content, people started paying attention.

All Eyes On The MB10K

Competitor Magazine reached out to the race and asked if they could write about the MB10K in their September issue. I emailed the writer, just to satisfy my own curiosity, and asked if he had ever written about us before. He had not but had noticed the new website and strong presence on social media. While we didn’t have a large amount written about us, it was still nice to be recognized and have a chance to be in it in the first place Pretty exciting in my estimation!

Soon after, I received word from the Los Angeles Kings. They have an annual 5K run/walk in September and they were interested in cross promoting with the MB10K. Next thing I knew I was on a conference call with their marketing department and the Vice President of the Kings Care Foundation discussing a plan of attack to promote both races. Never in my wildest dreams did I think this job would put me in contact with the Kings! This lead to me creating a media page for the MB10K website with branded images that have been used by them and others to cross promote with us.

My next surprise came when I was asked by the MB10K Race Director to speak in front of the Downtown Manhattan Beach Business & Professional Association about a cross promotion with the local retailers. Now if you know me at all, public speaking is not my thing, AT ALL! But I knew if I was to succeed in this new career, opportunities such as this could not be passed up by excuses of being shy and turning all shades of red when eyeballs are focused on me. More importantly, I saw it as an opportunity to show my daughters that you can face your fears and overcome them. Sure enough, that’s what I did. With another Race Committee member there to speak about the background of the race and introduce me, I was able to tell the business owners about an opportunity to cross promote with us.

These cross promoting opportunities absolutely had a huge impact in getting more registrations for the race. But what also helped immensely was our newsletter and Facebook advertising strategies.


During the time that I took over the digital marketing in the spring until race day, their email list grew to over 500 new emails. There’s a pop-up that comes up to those new to the website inviting them to sign up for the newsletter and with every email I sent out there was an opportunity for folks to sign up for it as it was shared out to social media.

MailChimp is the service I use for email newsletters. It is affordable and has attractive templates to choose from. As each newsletter went out, registrations increased. People were actually reading them and using them as a reminder to sign-up.

The newsletters also acted as a way for the race to bring value to our participants - giving them tips about how to train for the 10K, giving them reasons why they should run this race, featuring human-interest stories and focusing on the latest running gear - all things that they’d be interested in. It is a fantastic way to disseminate information in an economical way to a large audience.

Facebook Ads

I started sprinkling in Facebook ads as race registration opened. Every single time an ad ran, registrations spiked. While the MB10K had spent huge amounts of money on traditional print ads in the past, they were now spending WAY LESS and reaching very large numbers of people on the digital front. Not only did the ads run on Facebook, they were simultaneously running on Instagram. Each ad was targeted towards a specific group or groups. Sometimes I targeted one gender, I played around with various age groups, and focused on very specific interests and geographical locations. As the race drew nearer, more ads went out and registrations increased.

If you have any time to spare and have room in your budget for ads, I would highly recommend writing an email newsletter and running targeted Facebook ads. I don’t think you’ll be disappointed with the results.

Call today if you'd like help with your digital strategy 310.748.9128

Image Credit: Molly Taylor (Facebook ad for the MB10K)

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To Market We Go | mAD men


Good Ol' Days

In the good old days of marketing, you could take out an ad in your local paper, the Yellow Pages, or maybe get a flyer printed and hire a kid to put it on a bunch of windshields for you.  Customers would actually look at these items and give you a ring if they needed your services.

But those simpler times are gone and you have to fight to get your business in front of as many eyes as possible. Now people rarely subscribe to a physical newspaper, we no longer hear the thump of the Yellow Pages at our doorstep, and any sort of flyer goes directly into the recycling bin.

Where It's At Now

It’s a challenge for a small business to know where to turn for advertising now: Twitter, Facebook, Yelp, Google…there’s so many options, it’s costly and it’s confusing to know which to choose and what platform is the best for your business.

I vote for Facebook ads. You can set a daily or lifetime budget. With the daily one the ad will pause once your budget is spent and will reset the next day and with the lifetime option, the ad will stop running once your total budget has been reached. You can schedule the ad to run as long as you want.

The best thing about Facebook ads is that you can laser target your audience by their:

  • location
  • demographics
  • interests
  • purchasing habits
  • and other categories

As you choose these various options it shows you how many people you have the potential to reach.

Facebook will also assist you with creating the ad and giving you tips to help enhance it. Finally, you will get updates with page insights and reporting tools that let you know how your ad is performing and you can change future ads based on this valuable information.

If you need help with your advertising, let's discuss 310.748.9128

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