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Little Known Fact

Some of you may not be privy to this, but I like some things in my life to be perfect and to work 100% of the time. Right now, there's something imperfect going on and it makes me coocoo for cocoa puffs and I can't let go of it until it is resolved. My favorite social media platform, Instagram, has not been working for me for over a week!

At first it was logging me out of the all the accounts that I handle, several times a day. Not very convenient for a digital marketer who uses it multiple times throughout the day. I heavily rely on the notifications that pop up on my mobile screen from Instagram and make a mental note to respond to them when time permits. Big problem for me.

Thankfully that issue has been resolved!

Still An Issue

The other problem that hasn't been fixed is that I can't post anything to my business Instagram account (but luckily I can for other businesses). Meaning I can't share my newsletter out. BIG PROBLEM as this is my main source of content and I can't amplify it on Instagram.


My point with today's newsletter is - social media is great, until it isn't. I'm totally bothered that I can't post anything to Instagram and it is completely out of my control and I'm having issues with this. I've looked on every help site that I can think of. My only solace is that it appears that others are experiencing similar problems and I'm hopeful Instagram is working on it

If you are an Instagram guru, please help!

Image Credit: Liz Bridges via Unsplash

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