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Days Go By

It has been just over 365 days since my last newsletter came out. So, here’s my yearly newsletter! LOL!

Kidding aside, this past year has been the busiest for Taylor Digital Marketing. I’ve taken on some fabulous clients and increased my role with ongoing ones while teaching part-time and having a life.

Facebook Ads

Part of the experience I have gained is running multiple Facebook ad campaigns for clients. Facebook ads are fantastic because they reach a super targeted audience and can run for a small budget.   

I have a legal client who has moved over to video content and away from the written blog. Before we started working together they were averaging about 1,200 video views a month and 400 minutes of video watched. Since adopting this new strategy, and working with a budget of less than $200, we were able to move those video views up to 5,900 and minutes watched to over 2,000.

If you’d like to have a similar result, I can help. Shoot me an email and we can have a chat!