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Where To Begin

In last week’s newsletter I encouraged you to make use of your email list as a golden opportunity to connect with your audience. One of my clients reached out and said they made the switch to start using MailChimp to send out their email newsletter. Hip, hip, hooray! Hopefully, you have embraced the idea as well with a service that works for you.

But What Do I Write?

As a teacher meeting with parents, I always told them, “ You know your child best.” They have raised the kids from the get go, they know their likes, dislikes, personality and what works and what doesn’t. Sure, it helps to check in with an “expert”, but parents can trust their gut to help their kid with the joys and pitfalls of being a kid.

The same holds true for you and your clients. If you’ve been in business long enough, you know them. You know their wants, their desires, their problems and you know how your business can fulfill their needs. If your business is just starting out, do this >>> Put pencil to paper or fingers to keyboard and envision who your target audience is. How old are they? What gender are they? What’s their annual income? What challenges do they face? How can you ease their challenges?

Make A List

Once your audience is set, make a list of topics you can write about. Show some vulnerability and let them get to know you and what you are all about. What can they learn from you? What do you have to offer them? How can they begin to trust you? What do they want from you?

I write an email newsletter for some local South Bay road races, like the Manhattan Beach 10k. When I come up with the content strategy for them, I always have the racers at the forefront. I think about:

  • how they can see themselves in this race

  • running tips they’d enjoy

  • a q and a from the previous year’s winner

  • interviewing people who put the race on

  • focusing on the Manhattan Beach community

  • sprinkle in practical race info.

  • upcoming promotions

No More Excuses

You have your email list, you have a nice bunch of topics to write about. Now, get going! Stop making excuses and do the work!

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To Market We Go | Good As Gold

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The Power Of Emails

Do you have an email list for your business? If so, you own the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow! Do you utilize this list? Do you write a blog, send a newsletter, product updates or any sort of communication that would bring value to your customer?

If you’ve given up the ghost because you think emails are a thing of the past, newsflash, they are alive and well!

The Wall Street Journal just posted an article about old faithful, The Latest Hot Tech Secret: Your Email. The beauty of email is that it is not the latest tech secret, its been around a long time and is seeing a resurgence as a direct connection you can have with your audience. Christopher Mims, the author of the article, writes:

“For marketers, the algorithms that power social media represent the ever-rising cost of doing business on the platforms owned by the duopoly of Google and Facebook. Email allows authors to intimately connect with reader, lets brands address their most loyal customers and budding startups develop armies of influencers.”

What This Means For You

There’s no algorithm keeping Nancy from reading your email. Nancy has willingly signed up to see your email. Nancy has the freedom to choose whether she’ll read it or not. Nancy can even unsubscribe from your email.

But, Nancy is in control. And, if you have been feeding Nancy quality content, she trusts and believes you and is more willing to give you her business rather than Joe Schmo.

Email Marketing Services

There are several good email marketing companies to choose from:

  • MailChimp

  • Constant Contact

  • Drip

  • CovertKit

  • AWeber

  • SendinBlue

Start by looking into them and see what’s a good fit for you. I personally love MailChimp and use it for my business and several other clients I have.

How will you utilize your email list in 2019?

I would love to hear your ideas or answer questions you have about email marketing.

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