To Market We Go | Is It A Beautiful Day?


Keeping Up With The Kids

Facebook is the largest social platform right now with 1.9 billion users - many of whom are in their golden years. The social giant is hoping that Grandma and Grandpa will start using their new feature, Day, to stay in the know about what is going on in their precious snowflakes' eventful lives.

What Is Day?

On March 10th Facebook launched Messenger Day. In a nutshell, Day is a carbon copy of Snapchat. It operates within the Messenger app, allowing users to add video and pictures and filters that automatically delete after 24 hours. Sound familiar?

What's Going To Happen?

Time will tell if older generations will buy into this or even care. I personally think it will be easier for them to navigate rather than getting a Snapchat account and figuring out how to use that. But analysts are saying that people tend not to use Day because they use the Messenger app for chatting with one another and don't think to use the new feature or quickly discard it if they have given it a try.

The Takeaway

It is an attempt by the giant to get into Snap's game. It is another tool we can use in our obsession to overshare every detail of our lives. I'd love to hear your thoughts on it!

Image Credit: Pixaby

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