To Market We Go | Sweet Serenity Day Spa


Exciting News

I just completed a new website for a local South Bay business – Sweet Serenity Day Spa! I’d be thrilled if you’d give it a look here.

Meet Kim

Kim Smith has owned this gem in the Riviera Village of Redondo Beach for 12 years and has been in the business of beauty for 25 years. She is one of the sweetest people you will ever meet and offers a warm and welcoming oasis to take care of you from head to toe. I speak from experience, as I have become one of her loyal fans, enjoying many of the services she has to offer!

Gift Giving

If there’s someone in your life who needs a little extra pampering at this busy time of year, Sweet Serenity Day Spa is the answer. They offer gift certificates and special packages. From massages to facials and everything in between, Kim will help you look and feel your best!

If you're looking to raise the visibility of your business or if you'd just like to get started in the digital world, get in touch 310.748.9128 to set up a free consultation.

Image Credit: Sweet Serenity Day Spa

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To Market We Go | Veni, Vidi, Vici


Good Ol' Julius Caesar

He came, he saw, he conquered. 

I'd love to challenge you with the content you are producing and see you conquer videos. Videos are what people are looking at now on social. Think about what you are drawn to as you scroll through your news feed. I know I prefer watching something as opposed to reading a long content piece or looking at a photo.

I'm Not Good On Video

I know firsthand that filming yourself and putting it out there is no easy task. I wrote about my experience of taking a video of myself on Snapchat here. Remember, it doesn't have to be perfect. You don't need a film crew, makeup and pristine lighting. You need your phone and a Julius Caesar attitude. And if you don't want to take my word for it, read this article by Gary Vaynerchuk.

Numbers Don't Lie

Yesterday, I posted this video of Erik to his social pages.  Now look at the image for this newsletter. Do you see how many people he reached on his Facebook page - 972 with 330 views!! Pretty damn good, for something that took him minutes to shoot on his iPhone in our backyard. 

Practice, Practice, Practice

It took a lot of practice for Erik to be comfortable in front of the camera. When he first started he stumbled on his words, had a shaky hand from holding the phone up for so long and was often frustrated. But after putting in the time, he can now shoot a short video in a matter of minutes.

Let's See You

I'm looking forward to seeing your video content on Instagram Stories, Snapchat or Facebook Live. I'm watching YOU!

Hit me up if you'd like to chat more about video 310.748.9128

Image Credit: Erik Taylor

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To Market We Go | Local Yocal


We Survived

  • Thanksgiving
  • Black Friday (please tell me you did NOT camp out!)
  • Small Business Saturday
  • Cyber Monday

Are You Like Me?

Unfortunately, I did not participate in any of the deal days, mostly because I procrastinate and partly because I'm just not that organized in the bargain shopping department {except when it comes to Vons Just For U deals - I dominate here, DOMINATE}


Out of the 3 aforementioned days, Small Business Saturday is the most worthy. I know small businesses don't offer the deep discounts and free shipping and returns like the big box stores do. Instead they offer so much more - excellent customer service, an owner who pours their heart and soul into it and an offering of carefully curated products that you can't find anywhere else.

YOU make a difference when you shop small and shop local. You are directly supporting a hard-working person's livelihood by putting food on their table, paying for their kid's tuition and keeping their dreams alive.

Today Is Wednesday

Even though you may be like me and missed Small Business Saturday, you can still shop small and shop local today.

Here Are A Few Of My Fave Local Yocals

Riviera Village

Manhattan Beach

South Bay

Image Credit: Downtown Manhattan Beach

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To Market We Go | With A Grateful Heart


Thankful for YOU

As we celebrate turkey day tomorrow I'd like to express my thanks to all of you! I appreciate all of the support, positive comments, and encouragement you have shown to me.

I am grateful to my family, friends and new people I have met along the way.

I am appreciative to those who have chosen me to help them with their business, those who have turned to me for advice and to those who have helped me learn. You are ALL amazing!


I truly hope that you enjoy your day tomorrow and stuff your bellies with lots of goodness. I wish for you a day filled with those you love, a nice walk after you eat and lots of fun enjoying your traditions.

Image Credit: Ruth Caron via Unsplash

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To Market We Go | The Bottom Line


All Good Things Must Come To An End

Today marks the end of a series of newsletters about the digital marketing for the Manhattan Beach 10K Run.

I hope you enjoyed reading about the process as much as I enjoyed doing the work.

Let's face it,  this event is an easy sell:

  • it takes place in a beautiful setting
  • the volunteers who make it happen are outstanding people
  • all proceeds go back to the community
  • it is entertaining and fun

But, it was lacking a voice to amplify all the wonderful things about it!

Taylor Digital Marketing Produced:

  • a new website
  • a digital footprint
  • a digital ad campaign
  • a blog/email newsletter
  • a content strategy

The Results Speak For Themselves

  • Registrations up 20%
  • Largest growth seen in both "18 - 24" and "25 - 34" demographics
  • Traditional Advertising cost down 50%
  • Total marketing spend down 10%
  • Website Visits from June through October: 29,000+
  • Mailing list sign ups: 538
  • Over 2,500 uses of hashtag #mb10k
  • Over 4,000 views of dedicated MB10k Snapchat filter
  • Read more details here
  • Testimonial from the Race Director

Call today for a free consultation about how Taylor Digital Marketing can help your business 310.748.9128

Image Credit: Molly Taylor

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To Market We Go | Opportunity Comes Knocking


Next Steps

Once I had built the digital footprint for the Manhattan Beach 10K and began populating the social platforms with content, people started paying attention.

All Eyes On The MB10K

Competitor Magazine reached out to the race and asked if they could write about the MB10K in their September issue. I emailed the writer, just to satisfy my own curiosity, and asked if he had ever written about us before. He had not but had noticed the new website and strong presence on social media. While we didn’t have a large amount written about us, it was still nice to be recognized and have a chance to be in it in the first place Pretty exciting in my estimation!

Soon after, I received word from the Los Angeles Kings. They have an annual 5K run/walk in September and they were interested in cross promoting with the MB10K. Next thing I knew I was on a conference call with their marketing department and the Vice President of the Kings Care Foundation discussing a plan of attack to promote both races. Never in my wildest dreams did I think this job would put me in contact with the Kings! This lead to me creating a media page for the MB10K website with branded images that have been used by them and others to cross promote with us.

My next surprise came when I was asked by the MB10K Race Director to speak in front of the Downtown Manhattan Beach Business & Professional Association about a cross promotion with the local retailers. Now if you know me at all, public speaking is not my thing, AT ALL! But I knew if I was to succeed in this new career, opportunities such as this could not be passed up by excuses of being shy and turning all shades of red when eyeballs are focused on me. More importantly, I saw it as an opportunity to show my daughters that you can face your fears and overcome them. Sure enough, that’s what I did. With another Race Committee member there to speak about the background of the race and introduce me, I was able to tell the business owners about an opportunity to cross promote with us.

These cross promoting opportunities absolutely had a huge impact in getting more registrations for the race. But what also helped immensely was our newsletter and Facebook advertising strategies.


During the time that I took over the digital marketing in the spring until race day, their email list grew to over 500 new emails. There’s a pop-up that comes up to those new to the website inviting them to sign up for the newsletter and with every email I sent out there was an opportunity for folks to sign up for it as it was shared out to social media.

MailChimp is the service I use for email newsletters. It is affordable and has attractive templates to choose from. As each newsletter went out, registrations increased. People were actually reading them and using them as a reminder to sign-up.

The newsletters also acted as a way for the race to bring value to our participants - giving them tips about how to train for the 10K, giving them reasons why they should run this race, featuring human-interest stories and focusing on the latest running gear - all things that they’d be interested in. It is a fantastic way to disseminate information in an economical way to a large audience.

Facebook Ads

I started sprinkling in Facebook ads as race registration opened. Every single time an ad ran, registrations spiked. While the MB10K had spent huge amounts of money on traditional print ads in the past, they were now spending WAY LESS and reaching very large numbers of people on the digital front. Not only did the ads run on Facebook, they were simultaneously running on Instagram. Each ad was targeted towards a specific group or groups. Sometimes I targeted one gender, I played around with various age groups, and focused on very specific interests and geographical locations. As the race drew nearer, more ads went out and registrations increased.

If you have any time to spare and have room in your budget for ads, I would highly recommend writing an email newsletter and running targeted Facebook ads. I don’t think you’ll be disappointed with the results.

Call today if you'd like help with your digital strategy 310.748.9128

Image Credit: Molly Taylor (Facebook ad for the MB10K)

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To Market We Go | The Meat Of A Digital Strategy


Today’s newsletter is about the digital strategy that was employed for the Manhattan Beach 10K Run and how I assisted in getting them back to their high registration numbers. To do this, they needed a kick a$$ plan and that is what I delivered!

Content Strategy

Beginning in June, at the onset of each month, I formulated a detailed content strategy. This is a great practice to get into the habit of doing yourself as it gives you a focus and clear direction for the month. It becomes your guide that you can always turn to and keeps you on the right path so you aren’t just dreaming up random content willy nilly.

Each content strategy included:

  • the intent/goal for the month
  • updating the website
  • email newsletter topics
  • social media content strategies
  • facebook ad strategies

Digital Footprint

In June, I started building the infrastructure for the digital footprint. The run already had Facebook and Instagram pages but they were lacking a Twitter page.


They had over 1,300 followers but the page needed to be freshened up. I tidied it up and made sure it had the current logo, the 2016 race date and a new cover photo. Next, I updated the “About” section and added in all the important categories in that area which included an overview and detailed page information.Those seemingly steps brought new life to the page and followers started liking the new imagery immediately. I also began to follow all of the race sponsors as the page admin and began liking their content and commenting on it. Suddenly there was a human being behind the page making things happen and people were noticing.


The page initially had 41 followers and one lonely post. Off to work I went and started editing the profile. Gave it the same logo as I used for Facebook, made sure the website address was correct, changed the bio to reflect the 2016 race date and announce that registration would open in July, and updated the email address. Once again, started following every single race sponsor, as many Manhattan Beach {and for that matter - South Bay} businesses, offices, restaurants, etc. as I possibly could. 


The run did not have a Twitter page, so I created one. Can you guess what I did next? Yes...same logo for the profile picture as the other 2 platforms, a cool header photo, race date info., link to the new website. And what else? Started following all the usual suspects.

Method To My Madness

Do you see a pattern here? Yes! The 3 social platforms became a unified team as far as branding and reflecting all the pertinent information about the race. No longer could people say, “Well geez I couldn’t run the race because I didn’t know when it was.”

When registration opened in July, people immediately began to sign up for the race because they had been properly informed (via the website and social media) about the why, when and how.

Content, Content, Content

Once the infrastructure was built for the digital footprint, I began to populate the 3 platforms with content. And not just any content, it was purposeful (see content strategy above). It went from informing everyone about the newly designed website, to disseminating race information, to creating content that brought value to anyone who would be interested in participating in the race, to encouraging people to start using the hashtag - #mb10k.

While content was being spun, I made damn sure I was following, liking, and commenting on as many Manhattan Beach businesses as I could. If they saw that the MB10K was paying attention to their content, my hope was that they’d pay attention to ours and return the favor and ideally share it on their pages. And boy did it work! Followers started growing and our content began getting tons of likes, comments, shares, retweets and people were using #mb10k!!!

Cross Promotion

All of a sudden the Manhattan Beach Farmers Market and the Manhattan Beach Parks and Rec Department started following and interacting with the race. The farmers market reached out via Instagram and asked if we’d like to have a booth there this summer. We did and it was a great success where people stopped by and were rewarded with treats and incentives to register. In turn these 2 groups started cross promoting the race and we promoted their various events. It was a win win for all involved!

Free 90 Free

And by the way, having a Facebook business page, Instagram and Twitter pages are FREE!!! This is your opportunity to put your hat in the game and start having other people notice you. There's no Yellow Pages anymore my friends, it is the digital age and I hope for your sake you are on this train. No excuses!

Check in next week for more exciting happenings. Facebook ads and newsletters started creating a stir, and a big name sought out the run for cross promotion!

Dial the digits so I can help you with your digital strategy 310.748.9128

Image Credit: Molly Taylor

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To Market We Go | The Rebirth Of The #mb10k


Last week I wrote about how I landed the Manhattan Beach 10K Run job here.

What Next?

The next step involved meeting with the Race Director and a Race Committee member to discuss what they were hoping to accomplish with this year’s event. They informed me that their registration numbers had decreased for the last 2 years and that they were missing participants in the 18-40 year old market. Point blank they were looking to increase registrations for 2016. There is nothing better than a clear and relatively simple goal!

In May the Wall Street Journal published an article entitled: “How Millennials Ended The Running Boom”. The article discussed how millennials are now the largest population, surpassing baby boomers, and that they are looking for “experiences” in fitness classes rather than choosing to run a road race. Not good news for those in the running business.

Clear Cut Plan

I was confident that I could help the race get to where they wanted to be. After all, their “product” was an easy sell - a race in one of the toniest beach cities where all proceeds went directly back to the community, who wouldn't want to participate?!

I knew the run needed a modern website that was mobile friendly, they needed to plant a firm digital footprint, and they needed to decrease their budget on traditional print advertising in local papers. I put together a Scope Of Work and Proposal that outlined their challenges and how I could best serve them to get more folks to sign up

Simply Put, They Needed:

  • a new website
  • a digital footprint
  • an email newsletter
  • a content strategy
  • a digital advertising strategy

The first task was to get the new website up and running. Once I had accomplished this, it felt like the race had a rebirth, it was hip and in sync with 2016! Hooray!

It immediately started doing its job of:

  • informing people of the race date
  • collecting new emails that enticed people to stay in the know for registration opening
  • building excitement about why people should run the race
  • letting them know all the other important info.

Check-in next week for more about the meat of it all, the digital strategy! Yes, you need a website in this day and age, but if you don't do anything to drive people to it, there's no reason for it to exist.

Give me a call if you'd like help with your digital marketing 310.748.9128

Image Credit: Manhattan Beach 10K Run

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Case Study: Manhattan Beach 10k

Client Challenge

  • Registrations in the core 18-40 market had been declining.
  • Marketing had focused on print media with little attention given to digital channels
  • The previous website at did not reflect the excitement and energy associated with the race.
  • Aside from a Facebook page there was no cohesive digital footprint or use of popular platforms such as Instagram, Twitter or Snapchat.

Digital Strategy

  • Use email, social media and social ads to drive awareness of the race with the target 18 to 40 demographic.
  • Create excitement around and desire to register for the race.
  • Make it easy for people to get the information they need about the race.


  • Website:

    • Deliverable:  Design and build a modern mobile-ready website that is easy to update, captures email addresses and acts as a central information hub
      • Move to platform
      • Replicate existing content but reorganize and make it easier to navigate
      • Utilize past race photography and imagery to update look and feel
      • Implementation of SumoMe email collection software
  • Email Newsletter

    • Deliverable: Design and build a modern mobile-ready newsletter that integrates with the website.
      • Manage migration from Constant Contact to Mailchimp
      • Design Newsletter template
      • Integrate with website
  • Digital Footprint Build

    • Deliverable: Create and format new & existing social media accounts, integrate with website using cohesive color palette and styling
      • Facebook / Twitter / Instagram / Snapchat
      • Imagery - consolidate iconography across footprint
      • Define 160 character description

Content Strategy

  • Plan & Execute Content Strategy

    • Deliverables: Drive sign ups to MB10k mailing list, encourage readers to reach out to younger audience, inform list of registration dates and pricing.
      • Create content strategy
      • Create production schedule
      • Create email newsletters
      • Create blog posts
      • Create social media posts
      • Respond to social interactions

Social Advertising Strategy

  • Plan & Execute Facebook Advertising

  • Deliverable: Manage Facebook Advertising program
    • Create Ad strategy
    • Create Ad copy including appropriate imagery
    • Create appropriate custom audiences within Facebook
    • Tweak Ad copy and imagery to improve Ad performance


  • Registrations up 20%
  • Largest growth seen in both "18 - 24" and "25 - 34" demographics
  • Traditional Advertising cost down 50%
  • Total marketing spend down 10%
  • Website Visits from June through October: 29,000+
  • Mailing list sign ups: 538
  • Over 2,500 uses of hashtag #mb10k
  • Over 4,000 views of dedicated MB10k Snapchat filter

Testimonial from Rachel Judson, Race Director

We closed out registration with 600 more participants this year than last. That is over approximately $20,000 more in revenue vs. 2015 that we can donate back to the community.

Contact Molly

If you're looking to raise the visibility of your business or if you'd just like to get started in the digital world, get in touch using the form below to set up a free consultation.

Name *
Give us an idea of your business and the kind of challenges you are facing. If you have a link to a website, that would be great.



Manhattan Beach 10K Run

Rachel Judson, Race Director - Testimonial

We are a 39 year tradition in our community;  Hometown to the core being volunteer organized & staffed, profits being donated back to our community and for years we just would do print ads in both local papers, posters around our little town and, voila, we would reach or near our 4,000 sell out.  That all changed in 2014....

Our race numbers in 2014 & 2015 were in a decline as many races have seen across the country. We studied our stats and the Wall Street Journal published a great article: How Millennials Ended the Running Boom.  We knew it was time to change our game plan to keep this great tradition going with enthusiastic community involvement.  Molly was referred by a Race Committee Member and we are over the moon we hired her. 

Success Thanks to Molly:  We closed out registration with 600 more participants this year than last.  That is over approximately $20,000 more in revenue vs. 2015 that we can donate back to the community.  

We converted a previously heavily weighted local newspaper print ad marketing campaign to a handful of print ads along with some digital online ads through local papers.  We did posters, flyers and banners, but it is our digital marketing and social media where we saw the results. We ran weekly ads on Facebook designed by Molly and as they were published we saw a nice increase in registration. Molly also managed our email newsletter and keeps track of our bulk mail account so we 'own' our contacts and can reach out to them in a more targeted way. 

It also caused the LA Kings 5K to reach out to us so we cross promoted with their September event as well.  We also did a cross promotion with the Downtown Business Association in Manhattan Beach where race weekend participants could show their bib #s at local businesses for promotional value. We played a little social media 'I Spy' showing our posters in various local business and race sponsor windows to further cross market.

Another pleasant surprise was the number of volunteers we had who came to us to say, "How can we help?"  Spreading the word of being non-profit and donating our proceeds was loud and clear through this media, and we suspect that is why we had such an outpouring of those offering help.

It has been incredible to be a part of this change and so rewarding that our registration numbers and feedback from the community have been outstanding. Also thankful too that it's given a platform for the participants to make suggestions of how we can improve a few things.  Feels like a big breath of fresh air has been blown back into the race. I've been told this was the best year in the history of our race. 

Already have a meeting set to plan our marketing for the Oct 7, 2017 and 40th Birthday Party of our race and expect it will be a sell out largely due to Taylor Digital Marketing helping us spread the word.

If you or someone you know needs help amping up their marketing, we cannot recommend her enough.  We've learned that social media requires a professional and cannot just be dabbled in, and we've learned so much about the power of cross promoting.

To Market We Go | How I Got The #MB10K Job


First Things First

For the next month, I’ll be writing a series of articles about my experience with the Manhattan Beach 10K Run and how a carefully planned out digital marketing strategy helped the race get 20% more registrants than last year. 20% more!!!!!

How I Got The Gig

If I had a dollar for every time someone asked me how I got the Manhattan Beach 10K Run job, well, I’d have a lot of dollars! It involved a bit of luck, knowing a key player, being in the right place at the right time, and another job offer.

Knowing The Right People

In early January of this year I made it known that I’d officially be starting my own business, Taylor Digital Marketing. You can read more about that here. At that time Erik was my PR person and promoting me as much as he could, as any great husband is inclined to do.

He spoke to a friend of ours and told her what I was doing. She just happens to be the Registration Director for the race. She was beyond excited and expressed that the race needed a shot in the arm to boost dwindling numbers for the past 2 years. She promised that she would recommend me to the Race Committee!

A couple of months passed and I didn’t hear anything. Being the sometimes pessimist that I am, I thought they’re never going to call me, too bad, so sad. At that same time another job opportunity, in the education field, presented itself to me. I ended up applying for it and went through a few interviews. My thought process was I could have a steady paycheck coming in while I build Taylor Digital Marketing.

A Job Offer

In the Spring, I received an email from a Race Committee member saying that they’d like to meet with me and see what I had to offer. That same day, within an hour’s time I received a message from the principal offering me the other job. This was the sign I needed to make my decision.

While I was proud of myself for dusting off my resume and having my first job interview in 15 years, I was supremely more excited to get the email from the MB10K! I decided to turn the school job down and pursue where my heart really was, being my own boss lady.

Tune In

Catch my newsletter next week and I’ll letcha know how the ball got rolling and made this year’s MB10K uber successful!

Image Credit: Molly Taylor


To Market We Go | The Eleventh Hour


Head Down

I've got my nose to the grindstone this week for the Manhattan Beach 10K Run. On Saturday the race takes place. It will mark the completion of months of hard work. It has been a huge success and I have learned a lot. I will share the positive experiences with you soon. But for now I am looking forward to having some breathing room come this Sunday!

Thank You

Thank you to ALL of you who made such supportive and positive comments last week, I appreciate it very much. 

Next Week

I'll be back with digital marketing tips and success stories! 

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To Market We Go | Zilch


Nothing Will Come Of Nothing

I was an English Literature major in college. I took multiple Shakespearean lit classes from my beloved professor, Dr. Theresia de Vroom. The recurring theme in many of Will's plays was nothing comes of nothing. 

That's what I have for you today...nothing. 

I am:

  • tired
  • sad
  • upset
  • overworked
  • feeling less than
  • emotionally spent
  • too hard on myself
  • feeling alone
  • done

Sometimes Something Comes From Nothing

Although King Lear could not accept his beloved daughter Cordelia's answer of nothing when he is looking for praise from her, we can take a lot from her simple answer.

Sometimes life beats us down, sometimes others beat us down and sometimes we beat ourselves down and we have nothing left to give. As Cordelia says to her father:

Unhappy that I am, I cannot heave 

My heart into my mouth. I love your majesty

According to my bond, no more nor less.

She tells it like it is, she's not about being verbose with her love for her father as her wicked sisters are, she loves him and that is that. That is enough.

And that is what I have for you. I have nothing to share, no tricks, no tips, no nada...just know that if you are one of my people, I love you and I will be back on track tomorrow. 

Can I get an Amen?!

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To Market We Go | It Was A Snap!


Putting It Off

A few weeks ago I wrote about how I was going to set up a Snapchat Geofilter for the Manhattan Beach 10K Run.

My purpose in telling you about it via my newsletter was twofold:

  1. I announced it so that it was out there in the world and I'd have to do it.
  2. I wanted to teach you about Geofilters because they are a cool tool for your business or event.

I put it off for as long as I could, blaming my procrastination on Snapchat's calendar (you can make a filter only about a month before your event). But really I was putting it off for fear of the unknown. I was envisioning it being a super-hard, confusing and time-zapping project that I just wouldn't have the smarts for.

However, as the date of the race has been zooming towards me I could no longer put it off and I finally did it on Monday! Yahoo, aren't you proud of me? And as is the case with most things we fear, they usually aren't as bad as we make them out to be.

What I Learned

There are 2 types of Geofilters: Community & On Demand

In my nervousness, I accidentally chose the Community one. When I realized my mistake, it was too late. You can't remove Community Filters if Snapchat approves them. I haven't heard yet if it was approved, but if you happen to be hanging around the Manhattan Beach Pier, you just might get to use my mistake!

I also learned to pay close attention to Snapchat's pre-made templates that you can upload onto Photoshop. There was a box for a logo to fit in. I assumed the box would disappear, that it was just there as a guideline. Not so. When I got the approval email from Snapchat, my heart sank as I saw the box and the logo not properly aligned within it. Oops. This time I was able to cancel the filter and start over. Phew!

Lastly, I learned that the filters are pretty economical and easy to set up your geofence, the specific area that your filter will work in.

See The MB10K Geofilter

If you want to see it, you have to cross the finish line on October 1!

Call me to make a Geofilter for your event! 310.748.9128

Image credit: Snapchat

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To Market We Go | Best Job Ever!


Winner Winner, Chicken Dinner

I am pleased to announce that I have the best job!

Let me tell you why:

  • I get to work from home
  • I get to see my husband and kids
  • I make my own hours
  • I get to work with people that have become close friends
  • I get to work with people who are fun and passionate about what they do
  • I get to have a coffee break whenever I damn well please

What I have learned so far:

  • How to build authentic relationships on social media
  • How to market a large event on social media
  • How to build up a sizable email list
  • How to build websites
  • How to write and build blogs and newsletters
  • How to build out a digital footprint
  • How to help others improve their businesses
  • How to build a media page for a website
  • How to inject code (just a little)
  • How to spin social media so that it is fun, helpful, & positive
  • How to use Photoshop - although I still have a ton more to learn
  • How to interview people like a quasi journalist
  • How all colors have a 6 digit hex color code (I know, so cool, my fave is white = ffffff)
  • How I put my heart and soul into the work I do for others as if it were my own

People I've interacted with because of this job:

  • the L.A. Kings marketing department
  • a writer for Competitor Magazine
  • brand managers & marketers for Tone It Up & Perfect Fit
  • business owners 
  • lawyers
  • realtors
  • therapists
  • musicians
  • runners
  • students
  • designers
  • kings, queens, heads of state (o.k., maybe not, but the rest are true!)

More Later

As I wrap up my work on the #mb10k in the next few weeks, I will fill you in on all the details of the journey with them and what ensued from my blood, sweat & tears.

Shameless Plug

Have you signed up for the Manhattan Beach 10K yet? If not, here's your chance! I'd love your help in getting this awesome event to full capacity. Thank you!

If you need some more heart and soul in your biz, dial the digits 310.748.9128.

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To Market We Go | 3 Little Words


Sweet Nothings

No matter where you are in life at the moment, when you hear those 3 little words, you are sure to have some sort of emotional reaction.


Yes, it is that time of year again. Teachers dread it, parents love it, and stores are clicking their heels with all the Back To School sales.

As for me, I have mixed emotions. When I taught, it was tough to think about getting back in the groove and having those lazy days of summer gone. Now, as a parent, the thought of being back on a schedule and routine sounds nice but I will certainly miss hanging out with my two constant companions.

Time To Sharpen Pencils

But today it represents a time for me to buckle down and get more work done. The last quarter of 2016 is creeping up and hopefully getting us to recommit to our goals that we set out for our businesses in January.

I challenge you to think about what you resolved to do in the beginning of the year to market and grow your business and see if you accomplished what you wanted. If not, put your head down and hustle until December. You got this!

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Snapchat Geofilters

I’m about to embark on creating a Snapchat Geofilter for the Manhattan Beach 10K Run. If all goes according to plan, as the runners finish the race and linger around the pier they will be taking selfies and using the special filter.

How It Works:

  • Sign into your account on
  • Have a design ready or use a Snapchat template: your logo or something related to your event, location or business
  • Pick a date and set a geofence (only people in the specific area you have chosen can have access to it) for your filter
  • Submit it for Snapchat’s approval and buy it

Use It For Your Event

I previously wrote, here, that Snapchat does skew young. My main goal is to capture the tweens, teens and younger millennials and give them an opportunity to spread the news that the race is fun. I secretly hope that others who have the app on their phone will use it as well. I see plenty of people older than 25 who are having a blast using the Geofilters. I also have been seeing them used for all kinds of events: weddings, birthday parties, schools, and at local retail shops and restaurants.


I recently read about a new yoga class that only plays music by the rapper Drake. They have created their very own filter of Drake in mountain pose shedding a tear (apparently he’s known for his sensitivity). Yogis are encouraged to use the filter at the class which takes place at a nightclub.

While this may make the serious Downward Doggers put their tail between their legs, I find it pretty brilliant. It gets people’s attention, it gets them curious about where the class is happening and very likely gets more people to take the class the next month. Proper etiquette for most yoga studios? No! Fun for a monthly class at a hot nightclub in L.A.? Totally!

The Takeaway

Clearly I appreciate that Snapchat is not for everyone and for all businesses. But if you cater to a younger, hip crowd and have a cool event coming up I think it might be fun to think about and try if it is in your budget.  Who knows, maybe in the future you’ll be at your dental office taking a selfie with your freshly cleaned pearly whites and overlaying a funny filter from there. Stranger things have happened!

I’d love to hear about your experience using or creating your own Geofilter, please shoot me an email!

If you need help getting started with Snapchat, give me a holler 310.748.9128

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Colorful Language

How many times have you said this or perhaps something a little more colorful?! While I may not always say it out loud, thanks to the two little minions who cohabitate with me, similar phrases have passed under my breath, especially of late.


Because I’m tired of the negativity that surrounds the air, like the stink bombs that would go off in the hallways of my high school now and again. But just as quickly as that unmistakable stench of sulfur dissipates so too does the negativity. It’s up to you to blow it away, don’t let it linger and drag you down.

Doing The Work Is Hard

Putting content out on your website and social media on a monthly, weekly or daily basis is no easy task. It is a challenge to come up with fresh, hot, sexy ideas that will get our dwindling attention spans to stop and look for more than 2 seconds. We don't become experts at spitting out content overnight, it takes practice, time, patience, determination, failure and a lot of hard work.

Bully For You!

I applaud ALL OF YOU who are putting yourselves out there for public scrutiny! You are doing an awesome job with your videos, pictures, newsletters, snaps, tweets and whatever else you are pulling out of your bag of tricks.

When people take shots at you for what you are doing, let it go.  You are sticking your neck out further than the haters will ever dare to do!  Don’t let them get to you!!

Focus On The Positives

Choose to focus on the positive people that you encounter. Think about the compliments you receive, the repeat customers you have, the people who sing your praises, the ones who seek you out because you are an expert in your field. Those are the people who are deserving of your attention and energy!

Just like Taylor sings, “...the haters gonna hate, hate, hate, hate, hate, Baby, I'm just gonna shake, shake, shake, shake, shake shake it off, shake it off...”

Keep on keepin’ on and know that I am on your team, rooting for you all the way! You got this!

Image Credit: Molly Taylor

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To Market We Go | Instagood To Instagreat


Instagram Stories

This past week Instagram began rolling out a new feature - Instagram Stories. In a nutshell, it is just like Snapchat (but without the fun filters). As I previously wrote here, I love Instagram, and I think this new feature will go gang busters. Not everyone has this feature yet. You will know you have it when you see a bar at the top of your feed with the profile pics of the people you follow.

How It Works

You can share your moments throughout the day -  photos and videos. Instagram will string them together for you in a slideshow to create your story. There is no limit to how much you want to share.

You can set your creativity on fire with stories. Instagram allows you to draw, add text and emojis to what you capture.

And just like Snapchat, your story disappears after 24 hours. The stories will not be in your profile grid or your feed (unless you choose to share something)

You can control who sees your story. If you have a private account, only your followers will see it. If you have a public account, anyone can view it. But, you do have the option to hide it from anyone you choose. You can view who has watched your story by swiping up while viewing  your story. You can also post something from your story to your profile by tapping the 3 light grey buttons at the bottom right of your picture or video.

If people you follow have added new content to their story, you will see a colored ring around their profile picture. Just tap the profile pic and watch the story. You can move forward or backward through a story and skip ahead to the next person’s story.

Instagram does not allow you to like or comment on these stories as you do with the regular feed. However, you can send a private message to people via Instagram Direct.

What My Crystal Ball Says

As I said in the intro, I think this will really take off. Just from what I’ve seen so far, a lot of people, brands and companies I follow have jumped on the bandwagon. For those who don’t use Snapchat to promote their business, because it skews young, I think this is a great option for you and more user-friendly. I can’t wait to see your stories!!

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Image Credit: Molly Taylor

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For the last few weeks I have been all about cross-promotion. Wikipedia defines it as, "A form of marketing promotion where customers of one product or service are targeted with promotion of a related product."

This works as long as you have 2 things going for you:

1.   A service or product that people believe in and trust.

2.   Another business that is willing to partner with you. 

Cross-promoting is a fantastic vehicle to get your message in front of a new audience that you would normally not have access to.


The first step is reaching out to other businesses and going for the ask. The worst that can happen is they say thanks but no thanks and you move onto someone that gives you a yes.

Success Stories

On behalf of the Manhattan Beach 10K Run I reached out to 2 popular sites – Dig MB and South Bay Jackie. I asked them if they’d be willing to promote the race.

Dig MB wrote an email newsletter that went out to their list and amplified it across their social media pages.

South Bay Jackie added the run as an event on her website.

In return, I thanked them across the run's social pages, invited people to follow them and am working on a blog and email newsletter that will go out to the large MB10K email list promoting these folks.

Easy Peasy

Who doesn’t want some free advertising? Put yourself out there and more than likely you will be surprised at the help you will get back in return and the good vibes you get in promoting another business. 

Image Credit: Me

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